Thursday, March 29, 2007

The rainy day blues;

Following days full of spring,
Rain dampens the mood.

Grey, foggy, and wet,
Leaves me feeling slightly flat;
The birds seem happy.

Nine whole days have passed,
Since my final cigarette;
My resolve still holds.

I wish I could stop,
Eating, and eating non-stop;
Non-smoking bloater!!

I promise myself;
Tomorrow for paperwork,
And some housework too.

The next sunny day,
I will fix my mountain bike;
Get back into shape.

I will be glad when,
This week of haiku concludes;
It's wearing thin now!!!


  1. You are the next Simon Armitage! I'm not going to tell you if that is a compliment or an insult!

    Regarding the non-smoking, well done and keep it up old chap! Try some ordinary sugar-free gum for oral substitution instead of food. The over-consumption of food may be driven by your nicotine addiction which can work in mysterious ways, cleverly keeping you connected to the evil weed.

  2. somehow your haiku reminded me this song:
    "Sunshine on a rainy day
    Makes my soul, makes my soul Trip, Trip, Trip away........."

    your bike is still unfixed???

  3. 'Ere, Foxy. Following on from your Desert Island Discs if you fancy a trip up to Glasgow on April 26th you can catch a very rare event. Terry Riley is doing a one off concert playing A Rainbow In Curved Air at The Tramway Theatre. Tickets are 25 quid.

    There's also an interesting interview with the man - who now looks more like Albus Dumbleledore than either of the actors in the Harry Potter movies - in this month's issue of Wire magazine. There's more material on the Wire website.

    Go on - treat yourself with all the money you've saved on cigs.

  4. Thank you for making me smile today. I needed it.

  5. Well done on the smoking mate, you making me think i might actually manage it when we try in June!
    Has poor Tom not got his results yet?? That teacher needs a talking to!!!!

  6. "Yorkshire Pudding said...
    You are the next Simon Armitage! I'm not going to tell you if that is a compliment or an insult!"

    No greater compliment in my book!

  7. Try closing your eyes,
    Try smelling the air.
    Pretend you are a little birdy,
    way way up there!
    It helps!