Saturday, March 31, 2007

Now, the end is near;

This week's poetry challenge,
Finishes today.

The sun has come out,
To bid farewell to haiku;
Have you enjoyed it?

It's been fun for me,
But it's been difficult too;
Syllable madness.

Limericks next week?
Are you trying to kill me?
I just want to write.

I don't want constraint;
Bound by literary laws,
Expression hampered.

And so, fare thee well,
My Japanese nemesis;
Week to remember.

Five, seven, and five;
Syllables are all counted,
Weighed, and found wanting.

A sorry attempt;
Yorkshire oik, with no finesse,
Kills haiku stone dead!


  1. A noble attempt
    Your haiku are well-written
    Week ends too quickly

  2. Fox - Talking of Yorkshire, have you been to see the Andy Goldsworthy stuff at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park up at Bretton?

    Perhaps it might inspire you to do a week of blogs in three dimensions.