Monday, March 12, 2007


What can I say......

My health and mental wellbeing are under extreme duress.

The remnants of my teeth are all aching. Abscesses that once grew in my jawbone, and have been previously treated have flared and gone again. My lungs are like toast. My head feels like it's full of emmental. Patches of dry skin are erupting with consummate ferocity, faster than I can apply any ointment or cream, and often in places that I could only reach with the aid of a rag on a stick!!

I'm fit for the knackers yard!!

And so, what is the plan.... How do I shake off this funk?

1) I hereby declare, that this week, will be the official relaunching of my mountain biking season. I need to do a little bit of work on the bike, and then I am going to get back into doing at least ten miles a day again.

2) Vitamins - Berocca are my friend. Since finishing work, I have been decidedly lax in my vitamin intake. It used to be a regular thing when I arrived at work that I would take one of these foamy, soluble sidekicks. I have some cheaper, less frothy alternatives, and I am about to start a serious dosing up.

3) Paperwork - It's part of a staple mindfrik of mine. When there's too much paper to logically know where to begin, I panic, and hide it all under an Age of Empires box. It's a big box. Even with the paperwork hidden, it still weighs heavily on my mind, and there's no real reason to allow this to encumber me any more.

4) Food - I need to get myself some food. I have been living on a really bad diet lately. I am slipping into "dole mode", and this includes - Not going out of doors during daylight; Eating only the remnants of previously looted cupboard stock; Playing too many games; Watching too many films during the day. - I need fruit and vegetables.

5) Smoking - I really need to cut down on my smoking. Sure, we all know it's bad for us, and the taxes, undoubtedly, prop up some vital services in this country. I just smoke too damn much. Since finishing my job at the end of November, my daily cigarette intake has actually doubled to about forty a day.... Now, if that isn't going to produce some nasty side effects, then I don't know what will.

Unfortunately for me, my common complaint is that I tend to spend far too much time examining my funk, than I do trying to get the hell out of it. I need to invest my time and energy more productively.

Right..... enough..... I'm off to take some vitamins, and to make a start on that paperwork. The next time I blog, I expect to be in much better spirits.

Positive mental attitude!!

Just as I have published my entry, and am about to walk away from the computer to sort my life out.... Evil Fox rears his ugly head.

I light another cigarette, and begin procrastination level 10.

If you've never seen the British classic "Peep Show" then you should go and check it out here - Sophia... I am looking in your direction here!!

There are lots of things to watch on the above website, and the list is here, although a lot of the content is regularly removed.... You never know, you might actually find something you like.

The other thing, which I haven't mentioned, is something I picked up from Yorkshire Pudding's blog - It's called "Britblog" - It looks like it could do great things in the near future, so if you are remotely interested in British blogging, either at home or abroad, then go check it out. The more observant of you may have already noticed, that a) I now proudly display their banner, somewhere over there on the right hand side, and b) If you aren't interested in British blogging, then how the bloody hell did you manage to make it so far into my British blog??

As a final act of anal loitering (It sounds worse than it is) - I manage to italicise two whole words, finish my cig, and republish my blog.

Oh, yes.... You don't get rid of me so easily..... Just for those that might wish.... John Shuttleworth's Europigeon video!!


  1. Hey there! I hope by the time you read this comment you are already in better spirits.
    Due to lack of lighthearted chick-lit of the non-heaving-bosom variety in USA of late, I turned to Brit-Chick-Lit (yep, just made that up all by myself!). That is the only way I knew what you meant when you mentioned "dole". Here, when we say "dole" we are talking about the company that provides us with all of our canned pineapple.
    Hang in there, FoX, sring is on it's way and you will feel better soon. If I remember right, you always seem to feel worse in the winter.

  2. PS, I meant "SPRING". Evidently I have lost all ability to touch type. :)

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww honey bunny schmoopie whoppies and all that other jazz women say that makes you what to vamoit, lol!!!!!!!!!!
    Heads up babes, there is always a storm before the calm, your head will turn itself around I'm a dirty smoker too ,and it rough patches, my lungs hurt as well..
    Try to eat right, and start siting in the sun (If it peeps out) that will be a good start, don't set your horizon too hight lest you be dissapointed.. Remember us dirty somkers need double does of VIT C then the regular population, so overdose on that at least!

  4. You wanna be careful with that Berocca. It's like 10 times your RDA of vitamin C or something. Too much C can increase your body's absorbtion of iron, which can give you a nasty case of Hemochromatosis, the last thing you want.

    Then again, don't listen to me, I'm a hypochondriac.