Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mutha's day!

Happy mothering Sunday to all you muthas.

Happy post Saint Patrick's day hangover to all the children.

Managed a few pints of the black stuff last night. Enough to earn me this year's Guinness hat and a clutch of badges.

Two noticeable changes to previous years' hats, are: This one proudly states that Guinness is brewed in Dublin, where before, the stout was in fact brewed all over the place. I guess this is a step forward in terms of consistency at least. The second thing, is that this year's hats carry the year marked on them. This surely means you can sneer down your nose at those poor scrotters who wheel out last year's hat in a vain attempt to make you think they've drunk a lot of Guinness already.

The badges also carry the year on them...

Four pints for a hat and a few badges... not a bad haul.

Then, on to Vox, for copious amounts of "Pirates of the Caribbean" pinball, and some long island iced tea. Slurp.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig, poached eggs on toast, and a mug of coffee, and a healthy slice of the fantastic Harry Hill's TV Burp.

I love Harry Hill. He is a very funny chap. His enthusiasm for mundane televisual experiences is charismatically infectious. I could cut out all the television in the week, and watch a lot more of Mr. Hill's dissection.

This morning rudely arrived, complete with heat induced dehydration, and cigarette induced hangover. Not a great start to the day, but then again, when was a day after Guinness a good one?

Surveyed the carnage that used to be my house.

Wrapped a few gifts for my mum, and took them round. The folks had their hands full with my two nephews. They both look tired and need a bloody break!!

Came home and did some washing up whilst listening to Jo Brand's Desert Island discs. It got me to wondering... what would my discs be? You get eight discs, the Bible, and the complete works of Shakespeare, one book you can choose yourself, and a luxury item.... I am still amazed that nobody has picked a speedboat as their luxury item!!

I think my choice will have to be another blog, another day.


  1. Sounds like you did a rightous celebrating of St. Pat. I meant to but things happen. I always forget that everyone in England celebrates mother's day in March. Do they celebrate in March elsewhere in Europe? Here we celebrate in May. So far all I got is a pretty tea bag holder for my mom. Going to pick up a few boxes of specialty teas for her to enjoy also. My Drew was actually born on Mother's day. Every few years they line up and we celebrate his birthday and mother's day together at his mother's house. She always tells him about the day he was born.

  2. Your poor buggars!
    Having mothers Day right after St Pattys?? Our mothers day is in May ...I guess it's good to see if your a GOOD boy if you behaved the night before~~!! St Pattys over there sounds like a hell of a lot of fun! Over here the irish pubs are jammed packed with lines around the block from 12 pm on!
    I didn't do it this yr, just bought another shamrock and re-potted it..That's about it;o)