Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Missing - Presumed dead!

On a more serious note than usual, I must share my plea with the world.

On 12th March 2007, at approximately 2pm (GMT) - Huddersfield police received a report of a missing person.

The person in question, known only to his friends as family as "Tenacious D", has not been seen since March of last year.

He is described as being, white, with no hair, about 14 years old, and is 20mm tall.

Have you seen him? Do you know where he is hiding?

Any information can be passed anonymously to the police, via the Arctic Fox's blog.

Police issued the following photofit.

He was last seen wearing absolutely nothing, in the Arctic Fox's lounge, and had recently scored 2 points.

All information will be treated with the utmost contempt, and a reward may be offered for the safe return of this individual.

Police have warned the public, that if they see the "Tenacious D", they should not approach him, as he may be arme_ an_ _angerous!!

You may also wish to make use of my "Paypal Donation" button - over there on the right hand side of this page - as I now need to find at least three hundred pounds bail for the charge of wasting police time, breach of the peace, and assaulting a perfectly good blog entry.


  1. Bloody brilliant. Have not laughed as much in quite a while.

  2. Ohhh crafty foxy!
    As to the wine, over a period of 2 hrs, we drank from 8 bottles of wine, mostly just from the NECKS alone, but as it went on, we did get more buzzed, lol!!!
    When we got to the last four bottles we where pretty much bombed, and too serious about finding the right wine, I think we did it! After all that we had steaks and a huge salad wahed down with more wine, yes I was hurting the next day a bit, but it was a hell of alot of funtimes!

  3. haha...
    you are way too cool, thanks for the laugh (thumbup)

    how is your relationship with birds??
    i have seen quite amazing things this year: a huge flock of siskins flew by a while ago and i saw linnets...in my garden!! cool, ha?? and first starlings have arrived ;)

    good luck with your "missing person" :P


  4. Cheers for keeping ne laughing at work foxy. They all think I'm some crazy loon now (not quite there yet).

    And answer your mails fella. Do you fancy coming to ROCKNESS in June. C'mon. The Chemicals,Daft Punk, Groove Armada, Soulwax, 2ManyDjs, DJ Yoda etc etc all by the shores of Loch Ness?