Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Ok, so it's taken me a while to realise, and I doubt very much that anyone even cares. Since "converting" across to the new Blogger format, I lost, what I would normally consider to be a very important part of my blog. It's back now, and I will sleep much better tonight.

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I am such an aboservant badger sometimes, it's scary!!


Doing homework with Tom, and he is getting more and more stressed out, trying to come up with ideas for "Tom's little book of calm". All the while, playing with a stress-ball in the shape of a little pink pig, and not realising the irony of it all.

My, how we laughed!!


Connor's gift of a double chocolate cookie, for the things I do for him, and the cakes and buns we bake. I can only assume, in Connor-world, he is envisaging that this is a down payment on a tray of chocolate cornflake crispy buns!!


As pointed out by fellow blogger, Worcester Dan, there are some great photos on Flickr of the lunar eclipse. Go, seek, and find!! Here are some to get you started:

PlasticSnow's composite image

Distractable Savant's composite image

Ok, so it's a cheap blog already, lots of words, plagiarism, and nothing much to say....


Spent most of yesterday, in the company of the lovely Dawn. Chilling and relaxing, or more succinctly, as the urban yoof might say.... chillaxing!


It's definitely worth a mention, and it would mean a lot to me if you could pay some attention to this. As you may or may not know, I recently lost my stupendous cousin Dan. Dan lost out to multiple sclerosis. One of my cousins in Canada is doing a sponsored walk for the MS charity. If ANYONE can spare as little as a single dollar for this worthy effort and cause, then please..... sponsor Sophia in her 10km walk.... it's karma in the bag dudes and dudettes!!

Sponsor Sophia please.


  1. Here is an stress releasing idea that works for me. Get him some bubbles and have him blow bubbles when he is really stressed. It sounds silly but it works as it forces you to deep breath which calms you down. A therapist tried it with my years ago and found its a little hard to hyperventilate cause you are so upset if you are blowing bubbles. Plus who doesn't like bubbles bouncing in the air.
    P.S. I like the fruit too. Reminds me of an oldfashioned kitchen

  2. I'm sorry ot hear you lost your cousin :O(

  3. Donation made. I used to work with kids with MS and one of my favourite people has just been diagnosed with it so it hits a strong resonance with me.