Friday, March 16, 2007

Hold the front page....

... Stop the press.... hold your horses.... wait just a cotton picking minute.....

It's official.... I am now an artist.

Remember some time back, I mentioned that the Musee De L'Elysee were doing an exhibition called "All Photographers Now"?

Well, I submitted some photos, and they've been shown in the art gallery.

I am over-the-moon!!

I do of course realise, that they probably show just about everything that gets submitted, but I never actually thought it would happen.

"Oh, yes, my work has been exhibited in the Musee De L'Elysee" is such a good one liner.

You can (of course) view the original pictures (shameless plug) in my Flickr sets.

Well done to everyone who tried to make sense of yesterday's literary conundrum - I had a very good chuckle at them. I will give everyone a few more days to go through yesterday, in case anyone else wishes to have a go, and decide on an eventual winner.


  1. Heyyy! There's the moss pic - love that one! Congratulations, Artist Fox!

    I neglected to confirm, btw, whether fuck-off was in reference to taking oneself off somewhere, or in getting up someone's nose. I assumed that, because of the hyphen, it was the latter, but I see that Spice-the-Cat went with the former. Hmmm.

  2. Sophia,

    Fox is confusing the issue because he's indicated it's a noun - which I don't see how it can be - but on that basis neither of us is correct.

    We need the referee to clarify the rules on this. Fox - over to you.