Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Five things you don't know,

That I have never revealed;
But done in Haiku.

Naughty Yorkshire Pud,
Has forced reciprocation;
How can I refuse?

Jethro Tull concert,
Milton Keynes Bowl eighty-six,
I slept through it all.

First time I ever,
Saw someone take heroin;
Hawkwind - Leeds Uni.

For eight years of life,
I was an awkward vegan;
Life's easier now.

I once loved a girl,
Who worked in the same office;
I never told her.

Sometimes I am scared,
To try something different;
Afraid of Failure.

And so there it is,
Five completely random things;
Never seen before.

In true "tag" fashion,
I am bound to call upon,
Others to follow.

Spice-The-Cat is one,
Polgara is my Second,
Rol can be my third.

Sophia sorry,
You are the fourth poor beggar,
I am requesting.

One more soul to go,
I say sorry in advance;
Kristiine, would you please?

To explain the rules,
In Haiku is difficult;
Please see Yorks Pudding.


  1. No no, no, no no,
    I can't. Poet's soul long gone.
    This will have to do.

  2. hahaaaaaaaaaa
    You caught me! I know where the store is but can't remeber the name!I'll post it when I do. I wonder if Mr Heroine finished school? I added you to messanger, although somethnig is wacky with it now?

  3. owwww
    cool, i am in haiku!!!

    i did something and i hope you don't mind. but if you do mind then that's your problem...

    sunshine to you

  4. Jase, That's a list and you're tagging.

    This is the biggest 'U' turn since the invention of the 'U' turn.

    The world is changing, and I don't mean global warming.

  5. I will respond soon,
    but first I will play Pogo.
    curse you, my cousin!

    (for the Pogo thing.
    I don't mind the meme so much,
    but it will take thought.)

    Ok you got me lol i'll have a go soon i promise (you big git lol)

  7. Hi FoX thanks for dropping by a mine.

    Worcester Dan