Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Desert Island Discs.

Well, I have finally managed to get around to it.

For a couple of days, every spare moment I have, has been given over to the deepest soul searching for this piece. I desperately wanted to avoid simply picking records that I like, and tried to pick ones that I would actually need to live, and that mean something extra.

And so, I give to you, my desert island discs.

The concept, if you have been under a rock for the last sixty five years, is quite simple. You have to imagine you are a castaway on a desert island, of course!! You are permitted eight pieces of music. You may also take one book (you are automatically assigned a copy of the Bible, and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare). You are also allowed one luxury item.


The first piece I have selected, is a piece of techno. The tune’s called “Plastic Dreams” and it’s by "JayDee". It’s a great rumbling tune, and it so reminds me of better times, and better places. Those heady, carefree days of reckless abandon, at the Ark in Leeds, at the Orbit in Morley. Listening to this and dancing round my desert island would give me the memories I would need to survive.

The second piece I have chosen is a classical romp. I’m a little surprised at myself for picking this, but it’s a tune I love and it dances like sunbeams whenever I hear it. Rossini’s Overture to La Gazza Ladra (The thieving magpie) - Maestoso marziale. Oh the snare drums!!

My third piece is more dance music, and I’ve chosen this track simply because it represents so many other tracks that I could have chosen. It’s a track called "Swords" and it comes from the mighty "Leftfield". I couldn’t live without something as positively sublime as this track. It never fails to raise my serotonin levels.

My fourth track would undoubtedly have to be "The Beloved", with their witty little ditty "Hello". A host of name checks, and clever rhymes, with some great early synth sounds…. How could I possibly leave this at home?

And on to my fifth. I hark right back to my good old metal days. Surely I have room for a metal track? But which one…. Oh Christ, there are so many. It’s gotta be Black Sabbath surely? A soft one? A hard one? Oh, I am in a pickle now!! Ok, stick a pin in the map, and it comes out – "Black Sabbath", and the fuzziest, thrashingest tune from the Never Say Die album…. I bring to you….. "Shock Wave". I couldn’t live on an island, knowing that I would never hear those tortured guitars, and Ozzy’s fantastic vocals again.

Lord, that was a hard choice. I guess it’s getting a little bit more difficult now.

Sixth choice – Well, this one’s easy, how could I go there without the "Beastie Boys" to back me up? I’m gonna take their lovely bubbling track "Alive"…. But in true Fox style, I’m gonna kill two birds with one egg, and take the Moby remix!! Perfect beach music.

Seventh tune. This record was given to me by a friend of my mum’s. He knew I was getting into "Jimi Hendrix" when I was younger, and made a generous donation. He presented me with an original seven inch pressing of “All along the Watchtower” from the very year that I was born. He also introduced me to Humble Pie and Montrose, but I just don’t think I have room for them.

And finally (drum roll please) The piece that would hold my emotional state together more than anything. Inspiration to ambient artists, and dance music alike, "Terry Riley" gives me "A Rainbow In Curved Air". Minimalist, vivid, colourful, and beautiful. Buried treasure for my island.

Well, that was quite emotionally draining. I am happy with all the tracks that I am taking with me, but it breaks my heart to leave so many behind. No room for Saxon, Iron Maiden, The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, and too many other things to mention.

The book – It hasn’t taken me more than a minute to decide on this. It’s a book I once started to read, but found it too time consuming to finish. I would love the opportunity to not only finish, but reread – Bill Bryson’s "A Short History of Nearly Everything".

My luxury…. I guess a blowup doll would be unacceptable as a luxury, mainly because it could be used as a flotation device, and hence would be viewed as something which could aid my escape. I do know they allowed someone to take unlimited champagne though, but I don’t really want alcohol. The geek in me is saying “Swiss Army knife, you idiot” and I don’t think I should disagree.


  1. nice choice of music!!!
    why only 8???
    i have to think for days what my choice would be...

    when i read your line: "You may also take one book..."
    first book what came to my head was a book with 10 000 white pages to write my own. and when i reached to your book part...i thought i would be unique by saying my own book. damn :)

    nice writing

  2. Ahhhhh shit!
    We are VERY similar in our metal tastes! OMG I think you should take the COMPLETE collection of sabath discs ( I OWN THEM) and if any of the other artists like (HENDRIX FOR SURE) do it a complete DISC set... HMmmmmmmmm TOUGH CHOICES Since it is on a DESERT Island I'll have to say my complete Bob Marley collection since it's a tropical Island, and most definately Join the Dots (The cure) 4 dics set of rare tunes and B sides, besides that I would DIE trying to CHOOSE I have so much music it's insane, and I live for it so? urgggg..
    Let's say I won't be stuck! LOL

  3. My luxury item would have to be something to play the discs on and for a book it would have to be Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's - 365 Ways To Cook A Seagull.

  4. You can't fool me - you have made up those bands and songs/tunes cos the only one I have ever heard of is Jimi Hendrix doing Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower" which would also figure in my DID list. Why would you want a blow up doll when you could copulate with a coconut?