Wednesday, February 28, 2007


to my own devices.....

It's been an emotional roller-coaster of a week. I'm not going to recap, because you can get the flavour by reading the earlier posts, stupid!!

My cousin, Sophia, breezed back into my life, on a cloud of clove scented air. We met 'neath the Harold Wilson statue after some 30 years of absence.

I was hoping everything would be good between us, and that we'd get along during the week long visit. I don't think either of us was disappointed.

We've had a blast.

Done a bit of shopping; Ate a bit of food; Some Jammie Dodgers; Talked; Walked; Ridden; Had late nights; Watched the birds; Watched League of Gentlemen; Listened to Radio 4; Drunk tea and coffee as though it might go out of fashion; Moonwatched; Smoked; Rapped; Played awesome guitar; Made video; Took pictures; Exchanged cards.

And now, as Soph has begun her journey home, and I am back in the lounge, surrounded by plastic guitars, and my customary overflowing ashtray, the house has most definitely sobered. The "ambiance" is noticeably darker, and colder.

Sure, it's always nice to catch up with a relative, to banish the "bad relative" demons once in a while. I don't remember ever having the privilege of such a great opportunity to catch up, in as relaxed and informal manner that we have managed.

The experience has left me with the feeling that I am the one that's been on a holiday somewhere, and returned home with renewed vigour, and am able to see things through a fresh set of eyes.

And so, cousin Soph, convey my love and regards to all the family out the in Canadia!! Keep on struttin'!!

Farewell (for now), bon voyage, au revoir..... I know I will see you sooner than you would probably like!! Haha

Everybody says shes lookin' good
And the lady knows its understood


  1. Watch it, Fox - you're going to make me cry...after I've watched our video and laughed my arse off a few times. I'll say all sorts of glowing things on m'blog in short order (she threatened), but for now I'll raise my current mug of tea and salute you (o' you who is about to rock) from miles away across the ocean.

  2. Hi Fox, I enjoyed your rock session with Sophia. It sounds like you two had a blast while she was over. Is she at our end of Canada or t'other?

    Mrs. Spice