Friday, February 09, 2007

Kill the pig..........

Despite my attempts at gardening earlier this week, my total output has been zero.

I am falling into a kind of feral existence. Most days I am to be found with charcoal smudged across my face, whooping, and dancing around the house in a loincloth and feathered head-dress.

With no rules, nor structure, and no boundaries, my house and state of mind are falling into disrepair at equally alarming rates. I know this should concern me.... it simply doesn't.

I am finally following my own advice, casting aside my clothing, and indeed running wild and free.

I can't help feeling guilty though. These times and this life may well be short, and I am sure there are countless others out there, with their noses pushed hard against an ever faster spinning grindstone, who may wish to experience the exhilaration of complete and utter abandon.

My ashtray is positively overflowing!!

I promised myself, that today I would tidy up. I promised myself I would not sit at the laptop all day playing hangman in a futile effort to chase more Pogo badges. Sweet irony of the forbidden fruits, finds me taking a short break from hangman to write a blog, in the true avoidance of aforementioned housework.

Paperwork is piling up around me, and inevitably, yet another month-end has passed me by without so much as a shred of accounting efficiency crossing my keyboard. The credit cards remain unpaid.

Even the offer of a potential job, that was proffered by a former colleague, has not woken me from my stasis.

I know it sounds gloomy. I know I should not be doing it.

My school reports always read: "Jason MUST try harder" - Who am I to prove them wrong?


  1. I'm in a similiar mood right now. House is a pig sty and I can 't seem to find the energy to care, much less do anything about it.

    It was hard to even write this comment, but I know how you dislike lurkers.


  2. I have been playing that hangman game also. Made it to level 50 on Hog Heaven Slots so erased the stats and started over.