Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hello darlings.

Cast your mind back. Back to posssibly November 2006. You there yet? Good.

I was sitting at work, wondering what to do. I had been politely asked not to play motorcross games all day. I read, somewhere, that "The Producers" was about to start its national tour, and that Peter Kaye was to be included in the cast.

I lokked further into it, and found that the first night of this tour, would be in Manchester on February the nineteenth, and yes, Peter Kaye would be playing the character of Roger DeBris.

I booked the tickets, and kind of forgot about it.

I can't believe how quickly the nineteenth of February came around.

So, last night, was a trip into Manchester, to see Mel Brooks' classic musical romping comedy at the Palace Theatre.

How was it? Marvellous, darling. Simply marvellous.

If, seeing Peter Kaye, dressed as either a woman resembling the chrysler building, or as a camp german dictator, would tickle your fancy, then you can't really go wrong.

I was a quite outstanding theatrical performance.

The highlights for me, were the number of people who had obviously never been to a theatre before, and obviously were only going now, to satisfy their Peter Kaye curiosities.

1) A couple who dressed as if they go to a theatre every night of the week, but who obvisouly had no concept of how "seating" works - thereby, to reach their aisle seats, they promptly joined at the opposite aisle and stumbled across the entire row's feet to reach them. They both looked a little embarrassed when they took their aisle seats!!

2) The couple who were seated next to us, actually asked Dawn if the whole thing had finished, as we got up during the intermission!!! I don't think they got it!!

All in all, a fantastical, musical, colourful, extravaganza, of epic proportions. You could certainly do worse.


  1. I hope you and the good lady wore evening dress for your night at the theatre. Can't be letting our standards drop, can we, old chap?

  2. I love going to plays. I also love going to ballets. Haven't done that in a while will have to look up the local plays and see what is available this season. Also saw the messed up pizza. Serious quality control issues there.

  3. We got tickets for the closing night! Glad it was good will look forward to it all the more now!!