Sunday, February 18, 2007


On the seventh day, God rested. I didn't, and Dawn certainly didn't.

In preparation for the arrival of my cousin, Sophia, this week, Dawn saw fit to completely tidy my house. I kept out of the way, and was allowed no distraction from my never ending stack of paperwork.

Like a tasmanian whirling devlishly dervish, armed with vacuum cleaner and all manner of things, for which I do not know the names, she swept, vacced, tidied, and generally spun round with aplomb.

I played house music, and danced round the bedroom, whilst scanning various documents. As per usual, I have done everything I needed to do, and absolutely no more. Dawn's efforts are infinitely more visible, complete, and appreciated.

To celebrate the industrious outburst, I paid the only way I know how, by creating a plate of creamed mushrooms on toast. Laced with black pepper, and cooked to perfection, an excellent repast.

I constantly marvel at Dawn's selfless, giving nature. As we say in Yorkshire: "She's a grand lass!". I certainly don't know what I would do without her!!


  1. What beautiful pictures.

  2. So I won't be seeing the Fox in his natural habitat, then? ;)

    Thank Dawn very much for all her efforts!

  3. I just realised something: When I visited in '93, Sam pointed to a mad pic of me at age 10 on yr mum's fridge (brown, plastic-framed glasses, 2 ponytails, and a brown corduroy dress from grandma), and laughed that they'd all been expecting a grown-up version of that to walk through the door...and it's *just* hit me that my avatar won't lead you to think much different. Hoo bwa'.