Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh happy day.

I've had a great day. I am in such a good mood.

Counting backwards, the day started like so many others.

Got up at around eight(ish), coffee, and a cigarette (champions breakfast).

De-iced the car, and was knocking on the door of my mum's house by nine.

Spent an hour or so with mum and Fred. More coffee and cigs.

Went shopping (Yes Spice, you're so right.... I love the shopping - I could only ever envisage a Reggie Perrinesque Grot shop as my vocation though). Bought the stuff I needed for lunch.

Came home and prepared a wonderfully hearty leek and potato soup, with low fat creme fraiche, crispy fried shallots, chives, and lovely crusty rolls from the shop.

Fed the birds a bit, and marvelled at the assortment that currently reside in my sunny, but distinctly frost-bitten garden. Tried to clean the windows, but gave up.

My friend Emma came round for lunch, and we played monopoly, and ate lollies. I lost the game so badly it was untrue. If you ever play monopoly, then you will surely know what it's like when, no matter how hard you try, you can never get past "GO".

Mum and Fred called in for a bowl of my delicious soup, on their way back from an art demonstration, and their tangles with the reflexologist.

Then, whilst playing Age of Empires some more, I baked some gorgeous "low fat" chocolate brownies for the lovely Dawn, who has lost 3 pounds since starting her "new year" diet recently. Well done love.

While the brownies cooled, more Age of Empires, now it's time for a shower, and I am heading out.

Oh, and to end my ace day, it's snowing too.... fantastic!! Days like this don't come too often.


  1. Aw nice to hear you cheerful

  2. The British, Churchill once remarked, liked their imperial heroes to be bold, happy and tragic. FOX certainly fit that bill.What a beautiful narrative moments of happiness.

  3. Shopping? Baking? You're gonna make someone a lovely wife one of these days.