Monday, January 08, 2007


Nothing to blog about, nothing to say. I am totally immersed in a wave of complete and utter unimportance.

It's sort of relaxing in a strange way.

Even Celebrity Big Brother has, thus far, not even raised a slight amount of interest from me.

I guess this is the lull AFTER the storm of christmas and new year.

One interesting fact that was drawn to my attention recently, was that the supermarket where I shop, took half a million quid on the Friday before christmas. If proof were ever needed that the true spirit of christmas was lost in consumerist gluttony, then surely this is the dipstick you needed.

Humbug, humbug, and thrice humbug.

Today I have been mostly looking after poorly Kirsty. I say "looking after" which amounts to me doing my paperwork in my bedroom while Kirsty sniffled and snooked her way through some college work. All I did was make some lunch. There's been a lot of poorly people this last few weeks.

I really must drag myself out of this apathy.


  1. There are obviously a number of significant domestic developments which have passed me by.

  2. Ha ha i see what spice means,are you holding out on us or just having people over??
    I need a paul taylor night! will that drag you out of your apathy, not gonna be out too much with a wedding to pay for but really wanna take Chris to Paul Taylor and you know it wouldnt be the same without you two!
    Love to you both
    Pol xx

  3. Hey Foxy, you sound as bored and apathetic as I currently am. Hurrah!! The days still seem to fly by though I think the missus is getting me sick of me doing nowt all day. Get in touch. If this damn weather improves we could hit the hills