Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An inequation.

Now that I don't work any more, and have every day to do as I wish, you would imagine that all those niggling little things that I never got time to do before would be well and truly sorted.

The truth is, the less I have to do, the less I actually do.

I know I should book my car in for a service and an MOT but I just can't make it to the phone and make the call. I know I should finalise my bits of paperwork and filing, but it's much easier to take on Queen Elizabeth in Age of Empires. I know I should, not only tidy, but refurbish my house, but there are so many badges on Pogo that require immediate attention.

It's a very vicious circle that I find myself in. The very fact that I am writing a blog entry about this, is the product of procrastination plus a brief spell of Pogo downtime.

When I am not playing something on a computer somewhere, I am slaving over a hot stove, indulging in my next best entertainment - cooking. I can't even begin to express my dissatisfaction at the increase in the number of cigarettes that I now smoke daily.

When I have filled my pipe with battles of old and Pogo badges, and my belly is full, I might even watch a film, or two, or three.

Now, while all this seems highly disappointing, and I am actually doing nothing of any intrinsic value, it has to be said... I am truly feeding my soul. I am doing the things that I LOVE doing. Of course it's all futile. It won't get the roof rebuilt, or the gutters mended, or the car serviced. I WILL, at the end of each day, rue the passing of another office opening time, and realise that it's now too late to make those calls. But, at the time, I am having SO much fun.

Guilty pleasures.

My only regret is that the true enjoyment I have can never be translated into cash, money, dollars. It's a shame.

But now, I must say goodbye, as Pogo is back online, and those bloody jigsaws won't complete themselves... will they?

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