Thursday, January 04, 2007


... clouds my vision!

Well, as you can imagine.... Yesterday I was deliberating over whether to have a shower first, or a cup of coffee. I finally decided to have a shower, but couldn't decide whether to put the kettle on before, or after said ablution.

In the end, I played more "Age of Empires" and had a Coke Zero, and watched the start of Celebrity Big Brother.

I shoulda had the coffee instead.

Today was a day of, not my indecision, but that of a teenager, whom I escorted around a veritable glut of sports shops in search of new trainers.

It began simply enough, but soon sank to levels of: "If they did these with laces instead of velcro fasteners, then I would buy them" or "If they did these in black instead of white, then I would buy them". A seemingly endless search with nonplussed teenager for a pair of trainers that haven't even made it onto a design sheet yet.

The irony of the search, was that the first pair of trainers that were tried on, but in the last shop we visited, were purchased. I think in polite circles, they might call this Murphy's Law. I, on the other hand would call it something quite different and wholly unsuitable for my readers' ears.

Seems it isn't just me that has difficulty over trivial decision. In fact, I know this shopping experience to be very common. The bit inbetween the first item you see and buying that same item a few hours later is why shopping, is called shopping. It's a process of confirming that your first instinct was in fact correct.

We had lunch.... We looked in a few games shops, and I still can't find a Nintendo Wii (pronouced wheeeeee!!!) to buy anywhere. They always had some in yesterday, and of course these are all sold, and they have no idea when any more will be arriving. Nintendo have truly Wii'ed on my bonfire this year!

Time for me to start the new year with new music and a new poll.... heads up!!


  1. Learn to play the ukelele instead, Fox. Here's one you might like.

  2. I love that music that now plays with your Blog site! Happy New Year and may all your hopes and dreams be realised in 2007.... I just hope that 2007 is kind to Dasser and his 'tan brown' pair of Dr Marten boots...... SCARY. I'm still havin' the nightmares 27 years on!!