Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First footing.....

An age old ritual of being a dark haired man, armed with a lump of coal, being the first person to pass over the threshold, was partially observed in this wet and windy corner of Yorkshire at least.

It's supposed to bring good luck.

I am feeling quite retrospective writing this blog entry. I guess it's something similar to the "glass is half full, or is it half empty" scenario - Should I look back retrospectively at the new year, or should I simply look forward? Surely, in order to learn, and to grow as a human being, an element of postmortem is essential... at least at some point in life, and often afterwards too.

So, what did 2006 give to me? What have I learnt?

Where to start?

Looking back 12 months, I could simply not have envisaged the year ahead, not even in my wildest dreams, and at points worst nightmares.

Summary: I have ended a 17 year relationship. Started a new relationship. Moved out of my house into Playboy Mansions, moved back into my house again. I've worked hard, bloody hard at times. I've played, bloody ridiculously hard at times. Nintendo DS has entered my life. I've been to a few all-nighters, and been to a few more dance events than I have in previous years - with renewed vigour and zest. I've done some paperwork.

Conclusion: Have I grown? Have I learned? Have I actually advanced along the zen-like path of life and fulfillment? Well, yes, I actually believe I am a better person at the start of this year than I was at the start of last. I've lost an element of complacency that I once had. Things are more serious now, and the lighter aspects of life are much lighter now.

2006 won't actually go down as one of the best years of my life. I've had lots to worry about, and lots of work to do. It will, however, go down as a productive year for me. I have instigated change in my life. I've bought a new broom, and it's started to sweep clean.

Happy New Year to all readers and bloggers. I hope you have everything your heart desires in 2007.


  1. Happy 2007 Fox!
    I was one of the walking wounded you were talking about over Christmas or should I say hiding and wounded. I stayed indoors locked away so I didn't infect anyone. Just celebrated Christmas tonight at my mom's. As for the last year have to say I am glad it's over. It has been one of the more stressfull years in a long time. I am hoping to start a new job in 2007. Still in the same relationship I have been in for the last 12 years. He makes me pull my hair out sometimes but we suit each other on so many levels. Sounds like you have lots of new beginnings going on. New homes, new relationship and hopefully a new job. As for the DS have you tried Trauma Center Under the Knife yet? Let me know how you like it if you have it as I am thinking of getting it.
    Take care

  2. " I've lost an element of complacency that I once had. ..."

    Yes, bro. you have grown.
    Once Joseph Edison said:

    "...Complaisance renders a superior amiable, an equal agreeable, and an inferior acceptable...."

    Yes, bro. we all simply grow, we know how to swallow up all "inconvenient truth" from our our past by the great chewing complacency.

  3. happy 2007!!!!

    may all your dreams come true!