Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Walking wounded.

Seems like the nearest and dearest are all falling foul of the dreaded winter lurgy. Strange flu like symptoms, coupled with bronchial madness, and phlegm, are flooring those around me with some ferocity.

I have picked up my stethoscope, and gladstone bag, and begun to administer all manner of treatments, ranging from champagne, right through to Nintendo. I think I was born to heal. Suffice to say, nobody is getting better, but they don't mind being ill so much when I have prescribed.

Frosty mornings and fog are the daily occurences now. I snapped this pretty sunrise during my inaugural cig break the other morning. Please enjoy this sunrise over Huddersfield.... Spice, don't get TOO homesick now, and don't be too mad that I only had my phone/camera to hand.

Christmas shopping is almost complete, and everything's neatly wrapped and under my lovely tree. I am almost set to enjoy christmas on my own (as everyone is going to be tucked up in bed drinking flu remedies). There is still the matter of a couple of birthdays inbetween now and the big day..... it never rains.... It damn well gets wet though!

I have even updated my seemingly unpopular "random shopping" blog, with a couple more choice items.... You REALLY should head on over and take a look.

I think I might go "all-out" and fully update my blog to a fancy blogger template, so you never know, I might lose everything.... if not, see you on the other side.... good luck!

On the other hand.... now that I've just snipped my finger with a pair of scissors, and I have an unhealthy addiction to Age of Empires III, perhaps I'll just sit here and cry for a while!!


  1. Sunset over Outlane - A touch of nostalgia, there.

    You should get your flu shots - I've had mine.

  2. Age of Empires, Fab Game!
    I have been over to your Random Shopping blog mate and was quite absurdly pleased to see some of my own photo's!
    Almost makes the looks i get in Asda and Tesco worth it!
    Hope the two of you have a fab Christmas and that your lovely lady is feeling better, am just about to text her to say Happy Birthday and sorry for the fact the card and pressie wont be there in time, grrr bloody xmas post!

    Pol xx

  3. Happy New Year Mate xxx

  4. Happy New Year!!!