Monday, December 04, 2006

Even when....

.... I've got nothing to do, I STILL manage to miss a day's blog entry.

Spent Sunday in recovery mode, trying to re-establish my body's chemical balance. Not drinking so much on Saturday night really made things a whole lot easier.

Was great to see Chris, Chris, and Emma, and to hear their fantastic news. You can ask Emma yourself!!

Trying to stay warm at the moment, as the weather's taken a decidedly grizzly turn. Galeforce winds, and rain. It gets dark at about 3:30pm and that's never a good thing. The seasonally adjusted disorder doesn't take long to grab hold.

I guess it could be worse.... On a normal Monday morning, by this time, I'd have already done an hour and a half's work.

Recovery yesterday.... Ikea today.... I don't know which is worse! Well, at least both days have preoccupied me so much, that I have conveniently forgotten about the mountain of paperwork that I need to get through.... This is going to be the age of consolidation for me.

Still need to try to assemble something decent out of my phone camera, from the amazing DJ Yoda night on Saturday. The phone doesn't like low light conditions, and they take a whole lot of processing to make something half good. If I manage it, I'll post a few, but for now, they'll have to languish on my hard drive, as shaky blurred images.

Breakfast beckons.... and then the dreaded M62, followed by a hearty side order of Ikea.... The indigestion is setting in just thinking about it!


  1. owww...lucky you! it gets usually dark here at 2 p.m.

    i could use one good winter sleep


  2. Was great to see you two too! We really should get together more often!
    I really should blog "my news" but my laptop has died and i cant get near the pc for Claire most of the time, im leaving this comment at work (naughty me)
    Perhaps i should leave my news here..
    ha ha no need to blog now!

    Hope to see you both soon xxx