Saturday, February 18, 2006

The perfect recipe....

... For carnage!!

13 work mates
A handful of Flatliners
A brace of Mojitos
A handful of pills
A bottle of pink champagne

Carefully peel and dice the work mates.

Wash work mates thoroughly, and place on a bus into Huddersfield.

Take the flatliners, the mojitos and pink champagne and pour them into a bucket.

Soak the work mates in the resulting bucket of loopy juice.

Randomly distribute pills amongst the work mates.

Bring to the boil.

Reduce heat and simmer for an hour.

When the lid's blown off and the work mates have been thrown out of a nightclub, place in an overcrowded taxi on a roundabout journey.

steep work mates in more alcohol, and let rest.

After three hours, turn the work mates out of their beds, and you are left with the perfect carnage!! A hole in your bank account, big enough to drive a bus through, headache, and general nausea.


  1. hey!
    i was at the univ and just got back
    i'll give you the details later.

    did you try this what you wrote about? it sounds a lot of fun!!!

    take care hunny

  2. hahaha...seems like we both tried similar Friday Night recipes with similar results. Only just read back and saw that you tagged me for the quiz...sorry...will get around to doing it once my head clears and normalness returns

  3. We might not be in Kansas but there's still no place like home..

  4. Thought I best leave a comment after moaning no one does on my blog;-)

    going out and getting pissed at the weekend is a distant memory for me now I have kids.

  5. Cheers for letting me stay over Foxy, though I'm sure the police might have argued the point that I wasn't fit to drive back from yours.

    We'll need to do another Flatliner Bonanza sometime soon.

    Still up for some proper clubbing whenever you fancy it