Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nodding dog.

Like the aforementioned novelty motoring accessory, famous for advertising an insurance agency which is NOT the one that I work for, I have been enjoying the value added bonus of listening to my MP3 collection while at work.

I've caused a few raised eyebrows by sitting at my desk playing air guitar to Black Sabbath, and the Beastie Boys actually prompted me to jump up on my desk and scream Sabotage, much to the chagrin of my employers.

The new phone I got - The imate kjam, if you remember I posted the link a few days ago - is totally ace. I bought myself a one gigabyte mini SD memory card for it and chocked it full of some rockin' tunes.

I think in future, a bit of classical might be more in order to prevent a recurrence of me spinning round the office on my chair all day.

In all fairness, I haven't really got much to write about. The week is going well. I am motivated, and productive. I am enjoying work, I am enjoying being at home. I'm getting a decent night's sleep and getting out of bed at a reasonable time. All mundane and thoroughly "normal", which, for me is quite strange.

It's only Wednesday and I've already put in over thirty hours at work. Let the good times roll.

The mornings are getting lighter. I am seriously happy to notice that the days are gradually growing longer again. The birds are once again singing in my heart.

Ten points awarded for the most smug, and boring blog entry of all time.


  1. 10 points is that all fox for that just fookin kiddin i did notice today whilst stood outside i was visited by a pair of great tits no not a sad joke true this heralds a new and better season is beginning for me my wood pidgeon pals that i've spent all winter with have done one and now its the turn of the tits just hope no one saw me cooing in wood pidgeon stylee for the last couple of months hehe.
    sorry for the long comment but i just had to get that out of my head its funny what you go through when your stood outside on your own having a smoke.

  2. Continuing the Spinal Tap imagery I think you should award your post 11 out of 10.

  3. I am so jealous...that phone is totally cool! It will probably be 50 years before we get those here in the Caribbean.

  4. Hello there! I love hearing the contentment in your entry. I give you 20 points... but you only get half right now. I will give you the other 10 the next time you are feeling low, so that they can remind you of this moment and cheer you.

    I am so excited that spring is on it's way... can't wait to get outside with the kids again!

  5. And dont forget your excellent tutoring skills hun,thanks again,i reckon a few more points for that xx

  6. missed you in my time away. smug along and revel in it. bonus points for making it desk top without (1)braining yourself (2)breaking something (3) capsizing the pod.

  7. Hey FoX! What's up dude? I'm missing already. And don't you like my blog anymore? You haven't stopped by in forever!

  8. good bye SAD hello light, music and festivaties, and thats just work!! I feel my sap raising and i'm looking forward to spring too mate!!!

    J x

  9. LOL I can play a mean air guitar too!
    Gotta luv the metal!