Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I must be getting old.....

I used to be at the cutting edge of the internet.... I always knew what was hot and what was not.

I rode the heady heights of the original MSN that used to come bundled with Windows 95. It wasn't even based on the internet in those days. It had cool chat rooms with elevators to private rooms, and you could use the "not so funny" Comic chat program.

I used to be a chat room host on MSN, and got free MSN access for doing six hours a week.... Helping the newbies, schmoozing the lovely ladies, and generally being an all round good egg.

I surfed high on the crest of the ICQ instant messaging wave. I was one of the first hundred thousand people to sign up for it until someone snagged my prestigious low numbered account.

I was playing mp3s before you were all born.

My usage of peer to peer software for downloading movies and software and mp3s used to be legendary... And all this over dial-up connections!!

I no longer know what the cool tools are.

I downloaded imesh and can't find anything I want....

Anyone know what the good peer to peer things are these days?


  1. Its funny...

  2. Try the old ways - borow suff from your mates - and if that fails get some new cutting-edge friends.

  3. Soulseek is your friend for p2p

    However bit torrents are where the hip people are D/L ing from.

    Azureus is a good client for torrents

    email me if you want an invite to a closed tracker for music.

  4. Now here is a thought.
    You write what you want to say on a piece of nice paper, put it in an envelope , write the address on the said envelope, put a valid stamp on it,(preferably with a picture of Her Majesty on it) and post it!