Friday, January 13, 2006

You could hear a pin drop.

Is it just me, or has the blog world fallen asleep at the wheel?

Seems the recent MSN Spaces cock-up has caused a huge internal haemorrhaging of regular blog readers and commenters.

The last day yielded some forty (or so) page views and only elicited just two comments!!

The fox can hear the echoes as he rambles on... and on.... and on.

Does nobody care about the guy who got arrested for calling a police horse gay?

Does nobody wish to hear about Jodie's progress on Celebrity Big Brother, or the fact that Jimmy Saville may be entering the house this weekend?

Do my movie quotes simply float silently by, unnoticed, unloved?

Are fluorescent pigs not tickling your fancy anymore?

Does the full moon not fill you with trepidation, excitement, or sense of wonder?

I just added a new service that counts my page hits, and generates statistics about where my visitors come from... Two times nothing is still nothing!!

I feel unloved and isolated.

If I type a blog and there's nobody around to read it, does it still make a sound?

I am racking my brains, trying to think of new ways to entice people in. Trying to find ways to make the blog interesting. Endeavouring to bring people together. Disseminating nonsense, and trivia, in the only manner I know how.

Do I need to include the popular search terms: Bird flu, Lindsay Lohan, Wedding crashers, Texas Longhorns, Vince young..... (All of which feature in Google's fantastic Zeitgeist site, and all of which I know absolutely nothing about.

I give in... There's nothing I can do.

Lurkers are my only friends... nameless, faceless visitors, who stop by for whatever reason, and never elude to their purpose.

Thanks for dropping in.

Sign the guestbook, leave a comment, make a vote.... Just let me know you came and hated it and won't be coming back.

Movie quote of the day:

"Satan, your ass is gigantic and red. Who am I going to pretend you are, Liza Minelli?"


  1. I feel unloved and isolated.

    Oh luv, I wish you didn't feel this way. :(

    I have a suggestion for getting your hits up... try to get Dooce to mention you in her blog. Evidently the hits will come pouring in afterwards.

    You are very well loved and your topics are always interesting.

    I didn't stop round last night because Shawn wasn't feeling well so I rubbed his back to help him fall asleep and ended up falling asleep myself!

    Things should pick back up in the blog world shortly, as soon as everyone realizes that MSN Spaces is fixed.


  2. Tumbleweed blows gently through the comments box... in silence.

    The saddest thing about the gay police horse comment is that the person who made the comment is reading English at Oxford. You'd have thought such a great mind could have come up with something a little more witty and original.

  3. Everyones just got the new years blues hun,dont worry we're all still around xxx

  4. you are still on point with your funny. witty. acidic and incredibly dear. its like the first 3 weeks at the gym after the new year...when we watch all the "new years resolution" folks drudge in....we know they will be gone again SOON and the joint will get back to normal. patience grasshopper.

  5. Why Fox, I've never heard you whinge so loud and long, hon. Now, just try to tell me it isn't a sympathy ploy (grin)

    Hang in there, babe. It's January when the winter blues kick in and everyone has trouble finding the energy to do anything. The bloggers will all be back around.


  6. i read your blog every single day, but i just don't have time to say anything. ahhh...excuses, excuses!!!

    nameless and faceless visitors??!! i'm "nameless"... no one else!!!

    and by the way i don't find robbie williams is good looking. he could be rich, but definetly not good looking!!!
    and you are absolutely right he is no fox (although i don't know him)!!!

    i'm always here to read your posts

  7. Don't worry, I'm still around too. First I was bothered by the lagging the other day, so I logged off, then I spent hours trying to set-up that stupid streaming video, which I am now having problems with again. Hooray for technology.


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