Sunday, January 22, 2006

Where did all the birds go?

A few weeks ago, my garden saw news levels of ornithological activity. I think I mentioned, at one point, we had fifteen goldfinches here at the same time! Since then, the numbers have dropped off, and I haven't really seen a single bird all weekend!!

The cruel irony of this avian twist, is that next weekend happens to be "Big Garden Birdwatch" weekend. It's an annual event, whereby the British public is encouraged to spend just one hour recording the peak numbers of each type of bird that they can spot. Two times nowt is still nowt. Depressing.

Last year, this event was an amazing success, with nearly four hundred thousand people taking part. It would be nice if I had something to report back.

I am smoking too many cigarettes. Such is life, and death I guess.

Well, it's officially Sunday night. Another weekend is almost over. What makes this Sunday night so special, is the snooker Masters Final on television. It's a cracking final between Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins... Enthralling stuff. The snooker on a Sunday night instantly transports me back to so many former years. Late nights, followed by sleepy school days, and a host of nervously missed black ball finals.

Who could fail to get sucked back into these nostalgic Sunday snooker bonanzas. Remember the Steve Davis Vs Dennis Taylor final?? Who doesn't??

Chances are you will have missed the final by the time you are reading this, but it IS available to view over the internet at this time.

Also, if you are up to it, and in England next weekend, then go ahead and survey some birds!!

Oh my, I feel a bit:



  1. That is really interesting. My neighbor, Carol, loves her garden birds and would definately participate if she were in England.

    I wish I had a more engaging comment, but my brain is numb from inhaling paint fumes in small enclosed spaces all day, while associating songs to various points in my life.

    G'night and I hope to be better collected on the morrow!

  2. aww...sweetie, i hope birds will be back...and if they're not, take a plane and you can watch birds in my garden


  3. Annual Bird Watching DAy???? i wish we had things like that...that sounds pretty peaceful. -rey

  4. Good guess Fox but no badge for you this time sorry lol.
    be sure to check back soon for more kevskiland badge challenges.