Saturday, January 14, 2006


I was going to explore the theory of Britain Day in today's blog, but spice-the-cat already did it... So go there and read it if you want to know about it.

Personally, I'm not so down on England as a country as spice is. I think England, although it is changing (not necessarily for the better) is a fascinating, complex, diverse country.

One thing about Britain Day that does make me wonder slightly (that spice hasn't discussed and I didn't mention in my comment on his site either) is that we already have Saint George's day.

In England we celebrate Saint Patrick's day with great abandon. Guinness sales figures will testify to this end. I think last St. Pat's day I managed to drink a staggering 20 pints of the black stuff.... I am spice's worst binge drinking nightmare. I don't know how I managed to crawl home.

So, why don't we celebrate Saint George's day with such enthusiasm... Will Britain Day be unconnected to our patron saint??

Seems odd to me.

Anyroad, it's been a quiet old Saturday for me... Been quite busy, but generally doing not very much.

I'm gonna kick back now, and get a cup of coffee and play some SSX. Tomorrow I shall scale the heady heights of personal tax!!

PS: I am now laughing at myself for making a whole blog out of something that had already been done, and which I said I was going to do... Sorry spice!!

Movie quote of the day:

"Then understand this. Understand that I knew you were my real assassin when you pointed that gun at me in the Chinese restaurant. And understand that you're dead. Death to the demon Ted Pikul! Have I won? Have I won the game? Have I won?"


  1. Part of the problem is St. George's day was taken off the official Roman Catholic calendar back in 1969 so it isn't even an official saint's day anymore.

    Thanks for the plug, anyway.

  2. Heck, I'm all for you guys having your own day, like our July 4th. Good excuse to have a day off of work, wear your country's colors, and shoot fireworks! :)

    Your movie quotes always stump me. If it isn't a Disney (or other kids) movie, then I don't really know it. But it is fun reading the excerpts you provide for us.

    St Patrick's day is pretty big here too. Any excuse to drink beer and go out frolicking with friends... :P

  3. Very interesting opinions.
    Thanks, Fox and Spice-the-cat.

  4. The problem with St George's Day is the far right have taken it as their day a bit like in my opinion they have taken the flag too.

    Time to take it back from these idiots I say.

  5. All hail st george.Rule brittania i think theres too many religions fighting for supremecy as usual the english being too embarrased to offend anyone.
    Go on george lad i'll be celebrating dont worry.

  6. You have diffeernt views, it's ok to use the same subject .
    Here in Canada, we manage to get VERY drunk on both Pt Pat's day, AND Canada day. We don't get St Pats day off, but July 1 is a day off!! weeeee !! At least you can use it for another binge day!