Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm a Blackpool fool!!

Can somebody please remind me, when this time next year, I am flapping about doing my personal tax return, that it actually only took me fifteen minutes today.

I am on late shift tomorrow night at work, working until nine pee emm.... Ker-ching! You can almost see the pound signs lighting up in my eyes.

I really need to get some gaming action fitted into my life... Today I was dreaming back to playing Trophy Bass 4 fishing game online... Oh, the international fishing tournaments we had.

I don't know why I have this fascination with fishing games. Is it strange? Some people like to play driving games, some people like to play snowboarding games, some people like to play fighting games.... With me, it's all of the above, but mostly I have the fondest memories of fishing.

I still have two games left over from my Christmas haul, that as yet, remain unplayed. This is purely criminal! I'd hate to get run over by a bus tomorrow and not have played them.

I've reached a Pogo impasse. I have achieved all the weekly challenge badges available to me now. The only badges left are for achieving certain ranks within each game. These are called "game awards" and take a notoriously inordinate amount of time and effort.

Take for example, my "Tri-Peaks Solitaire" Jaguar badge.... In order to achieve this thing, I had to play something in the region of twenty thousand hands!! Think about that for a minute... In that minute, you might have completed one hand if you are lucky!!

So that'll be the two weeks of my life that I can't account for!!

Talking of wasting two weeks.... Remember my call centre hell from January the third? Well, the conversation ended with them telling me that my security code would be in the post the following day. I had to call them back today and go through the most ridiculous conversation in order to ascertain that the code was never posted. The reason? Apparently, it was never posted to me because they never posted a letter that should have come before, and because the computer showed that this previous letter had never been sent, then how on earth could I want the next one? I would honestly effing fire the lot of them!!

Sad to say, this is the final week of England for the Rt. Hon. Spice The Cat and his good lady wife. I sure am gonna miss them, and wish to take this opportunity to wish them both the best of luck in their new adventure. Dave's been a good friend for a fair number of years now. He's a special, undemanding, reliable, friend. Good luck to you both and bon voyage from Mr. and Mrs. A. Fox, Esq. If you have ten minutes spare Wednesday evening for a farewell cocktail then let me know!!

I really must get round to uploading some photographs from my phone.... All typing and no pictures makes fox go crazy!!

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  1. Twenty Thousand Hands?????? Bloody Hell!!!!

  2. Thanks Jase.

    You and Miche will be welcome visitors anytime you feel like visiting.

    Thanks also for the long years of friendship and I'll reiterate the undemanding bond of friendship.

  3. Pictures? Pictures! You STILL owe me a photo of the giagantic bean bag! :)

  4. Foxy mood-o-meter says: Mercurial.
    I thought you meant, your mood is under the (astrological) influence of the planet Mercury until I found the real meaning of the word from my "Oxford learners's pocket dictionary."