Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If I didn't know better....

... I'd think that Big Brother is actually affecting my moods now!! I am consumed by the Big Brother machine.... Thank the lord that the celebrity version only lasts twenty three days. I am going to be a jibbering wreck by the end of the real Big Brother this summer.

Creative output for my day at work, and my thoughts of wanting to get involved more, amounts to one large rubber-band ball. It's probably a bit bigger than a tennis ball, and about as dense as dark matter. My fingers are worn to shreds.

I have finished this week's Pogo badges. This week's badges were Quick Quack and Chess!! Man, the chess challenge sucked. I used to be able to do chess, but now my brain just doesn't work right. I can't maintain interest for long enough.

Well, we've managed to make it through Wednesday, and that can only mean the weekend is that bit closer.

Still no sign of my banking security code. It's been over two weeks now, and I am about to explode if it doesn't arrive tomorrow.

I think I have decided not to get the lovely kitten that was offered to me. It's hundreds of miles away, and I have to go see him before we can even discuss price. The pictures sent to me, have the kitten looking like he has really dirty ears, possibly ear mites. The colour of the kitten isn't EXACTLY what I had in mind. I am going to try to get one a bit closer to home.

Jen: I saw this, and immediately thought of you. Enjoy!!

Would you have paid fourteen thousand pounds (twenty five thousand dollars) for Bill Shatner's kidney stone? I don't think I would. It's for charity I guess, but still, what the hell are you going to do with it.... Unless of course you want to head on over to Wendy's for a bowl of chilli to drop it into, and claim a big settlement??

Ok, enough pontification already.

The fox feels:



  1. Whimsical is wonderful!

    That cake is amazing... but who on earth is going to eat it?

    Good luck on your kitten search. Kitten Wars is giving me a complex: my kitties, who I thought were a shoo-in for winningest kitten are usually running at less than 50% wins!

  2. Check your answering machine - Oh well - too late now.

  3. I love feeling whimsical! Like a unicorn frolicking in a field of daisies!

    I heard about the Wendy's settlement today too. Weird! I think it might be a little harsh, considering some child molestors only get 2 or three years. Shows you what a big influence Big Business is in America. There's nothing so bad as a fast food chain scorned...


  4. Whimsical is a definate improvement lol

  5. I wonder how they ate that cake....hopefully they donated it to an orphanage and let the kiddos have at it for a few minutes. Have a lovely day! -rey

  6. Eh up Fox.SO what do you think of my new toy hey i tell you i've had some fun this week fookin about with it hehe.Nice bit of kit
    if you want a quick look at it.
    it'll keep me amused as i'm the only one in for the first 2 hours every morning!

  7. Where can I get me some of that Whimsical? Oh don't worry...maybe I'll just volunteer to go to china and eat that cake instead.