Monday, January 23, 2006

Angry fox.

Not really. I'm not in the least bit angry. I am quite the opposite, and this leads me to list a few things that piss me off.

Hair: I have the most average colour, mousey brown (admittedly flecked with silver these days) wiry, curly, mop on top!! For as far back as I can remember, I've had a shaved head. Usually shaved to about a millimetre long (or short if you prefer). It's cold here at the moment, and I am loathed to shave my head. Net result... Hair.... It's horrible.

Hair products: Because of my crappy unruly barnet, I have to plaster it with hair gel. The concept of lathering products on my head is completely alien to me. It clearly is not right.

(In order to get an idea of how my hair grows, I was once told (when I had long hair) that it looked like Noel Redding's hair... see the pic for guide - Jimi Hendrix, left; Noel Redding, right)

Broken links: I effing hate web pages that feature links which don't work. Many's the time I've been surfing the crest of a wave, and stumbled upon a page full of links, none of which work. If I can find a good example, I will show you what I mean. The same applies to missing images. I hate webpages that have those stupid gaps where images should be!!

Monday night: Soaps, soaps, and more soaps. I hate Monday nights... It's so effing depressing.

Shirts: I hate wearing shirts, ties, suits, and anything else formal. I'm just not that sort of person. I wouldn't know how to wash a shirt, how to iron it, how to fold it to put it in a suitcase... So why the hell should I wear 'em??

Batteries: Man, I loathe batteries. They are such a waste of resources. I mean, I am a bit less annoyed that a lot of batteries now are rechargeable, but you still have to find "downtime" for the article in order to charge it. The best thing that ever happened to a battery was when one exploded in my wireless mouse while I had it in my hand.... Boy, was it ever loud, and there was a lot of smoke. I jumped about four feet in the air!! Now that was cool!!

Ice cube trays: What is it with ice cube trays?? Why don't they make an effing ice cube tray that facilitates the removal of ice when it's made? The best tray I have is rubber, and the ice comes out "relatively" easily (when compared to other trays) but is impossible to fill and transport to the freezer without spilling water everywhere.

To and too: This has got me banned from more chat rooms than any other rule infringement. I refuse to converse with anyone who doesn't know the difference between the two words:

- I am going to the zoo, you can come too!!

Routine: I am not cut out to live the "Groundhog Day" way.

I could go on forever with this topic.... Perhaps I will continue the theme over the next few days.

Hello everyone.... Hope you're in as delightfully foxy mood as myself!!

The fox looks slightly:



  1. Inspired! I loved it. I can always count on you to come through with a great post.

    You are not alone in your hair woes. Shawn's is the same way. I suspect that he is letting his grow out (now that he is at Microsoft - laid back - versus old company where he had to look "professional") he could actually do it. He definately has White Boy 'Fro goin' on. He is camera shy, but I will try to sneak a picture in one of these days... :)

    How on earth could I forget Beastie Boys? Brass Monkey - That Funky Monkey - better to have that stuck in my head that the cursed Blue song.

    Have a great one! Looking forward to the continued blog topic!

  2. I agree on the routine and ice cube trays, and batteries are damned annoying especially when they run out. I would add business appointments, which I think suck lemons.


  3. I completey sympathize with your annoyance by people who use 'to' and 'too' improperly. Drives me nuts! Love the comment on my site! -rey

  4. LOL funny!
    Perhaps you should consider trying black peoples hair products if you jive the fro!

  5. Hay ho foxie

    Can't stop just a quick one to say i'm not dead!!

    Will be back with you guys as soon as!!

    Missin ya!!

    J x