Monday, January 02, 2006

Ah the old chestnut...

... Has reared its ugly head!!

Procrastination.... It's the second of January, and already I am finding myself falling into my old habits. So much for a new year, a new leaf, etc etc.

I read Tiffany's blog earlier regarding procrastination, and it led me to thinking.... I think ALL bloggers must be procrastinators... I am even sure I've said all this before, but as I have a mountain of things to be doing, you'll find me writing my blog... About why I am not doing them.

I can't begin to tell you of all the things I need to do this week.... My car alone, requires enough attention to make it legal to drive, that I am sure I will be catching a bus to work by the end of the week.

I can finally say today, that I have broken the ridiculous habit of visiting all the blogs and commenting about "Happy New Year" or "Merry Christmas" or "Festive felicitations" or whatever other nonsense seemed fitting at the time.

My taxes are overdue, and this is always a very bad sign.... If there's one person in life you should never piss off, then I am going the right way about breaking this golden rule.

So far, today, in order to avoid the inevitable deluge of paperwork, and document hunting, I have played Pogo, got some breakfast, read some blogs, played a bit of blogshares, played more Pogo, smoked a few cigs, played a bit of SSX on tour, caught up on football news (my own team and others that would normally not interest me) and now I am typing my blog... I am running out of useful excuses now.... And just as I thought that, Lawrence of Arabia is on telly... Firstly, it's a great film. Secondly, I already have it on DVD so there's no real excuse for sitting and watching it. Thirdly, it's a flipping LONG film (4 hours or so), and is therefore the procrastinator's best friend.

Hope everyone is in good spirits.

Movie quote of the day:

"There may be honour among thieves, but there's none in politicians."


  1.'re probably right FoX! What would we have to look forward to if we didn't put off stuff??? Its kind of an investment plan in always having something to do! And you're also right when you say I'll probaly be on a rant by next there's one thing that never gets put off!!!

  2. Happy 2006!!!! I'm back from a much needed vaca and I'm raring to go! have a point. I do believe all bloggers have a procrastination bug in them...hell..., it's my first day back at work and what am I doing first thing????? blogging :) Happy New Year my dear. -Rey

  3. One of the main reasons people procrastinate is because of a fear of failure.

    Grit your canines, FoX, go forth and hunt.

  4. Yo dude happy new year man!!! Thats so funny i have just written my first blog this year about getting of my arse and turning the telly off!!!

    Whats sad is how bad we feel after having a couple of days off hahaha. What are we like!!!

    J x

  5. WHAT!? No blog this morning!? How unusual for you! I hope all is well. -rey

  6. I agree about the procrastination and about the taxes. This year will be the first ever that we are actually on time with them. Oh and the car stuff... we were in the same boat on that one as well. This past year was the first year ever in my 11 years of driving that I have actually gotten my registration and environmental check completed on time.
    Good luck with the paperwork, luv. Perhaps you could get a special tin or basket that you just throw everything into as it comes and then when you have to go hunting, your search area will be smaller?
    xxxx Jen

  7. "Procrastination" oh my friend thanks for reminding it.
    A great thought in the very right time, it's just begining of the year.

    My new years resolution just came after new year.

    I will continue my random act of kindness.

    And I won't procrastinate anything throughout the year.


    Thanks my great friend.

  8. You have a good point, many of us bloggers are procrastinators, I think. I know I always get online when I have work that I want to pretend isn't there for another 15 minutes, or when I'm feeling a little antisocial. We should do a study, and see how many of us bloggers consider ourselves procrastinators- or better yet- one of your polling questions. See ya!