Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stop that train....

..... I wanna get off.

What on earth is the world coming to when the music industry starts to crack down on people who put song lyrics or guitar tabs on their web pages?

Case in question... Scotty - Draw your brakes... If you can find the lyrics to this fantastic tune anywhere online, then you're doing a better job than I. By all means, if you find it, come back and tell me where!! Challenge on!!

It's been a fairly s l o w day today. Believe me when I say, this is definitely the calm before the storm. I'm booked solid from six this evening until next Tuesday!!

I'm gonna take the opportunity to respond to a few comments and such....

Jay: Your karma jet lag is a fantastic work of art!! Totally made me smile. Thanks mister!! As for a giant ornithological feast on a bean bag.... You're more than welcome to come and partake!!

Spice: See you tomorrow!!

Jen: Thanks for some lovely advice, yes I realise that I completely missed the point, it wasn't actually about me buying anything per se, it was more about me lavishing my attentions on another young lady. In my head it was simply a little act of kindness to a co-worker, and in truth, I guess I wouldn't have done the same for a male co-worker. I promise bean bag pics will come soon... I haven't posted pics for ages.

Katt: You couldn't have been much farther from the truth with your observation. I appreciate your input though, it really made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by. It's always great to entice someone new into the fox's lair, and even more exciting when they comment!!

Kristiine: Although we won't necessarily be both unemployed this new year's eve, I shall certainly raise my glass to you, in the hope that it will bring all your hopes and dreams to fruition. Who knows, maybe this could be my first ever upside down new year's eve??

Everyone: Glad you all had a bit of fun playing vector park... Wasn't it strange? I really appreciate all your comments, and continued support in my quest for the perfect blog!

Right, much as I would like to sit around here blogging and generally putting the world to rights, I have a lot to do before Martin turns up tonight for some Gamecube and fixing of his computer.. There truly is no rest for the wicked.

Bonsoir bloggers!!

Cool thing for today:

Ok, who made Spice's blogshare price go through the roof...?


  1. Strange things afoot in the Blogshare market - I'm not sure myself.

  2. Why Your Nick Is Arctic Fox?

    What Wish You Will Make to Your Blog Readers on the Eve of 2006?

    What You will do at 00:01 GMT on 31 Decemeber?

    Do You Have Any New Years Resolution? Do You Care to Share it with Your Blog Readers?

    - Happy Holidays, Stay Blessed.

  3. Ah, the holiday business...can't get away from it.
    Thanks for your lovely advice yesterday. I truly appreciate your honesty. Take care. -rey

  4. I meant KFC honest!!!

    It's almost a bigger perk than my second cup of coffee popping in to the Fox's Den!!

    J x

  5. Well i am mostly right! LOL