Sunday, December 04, 2005

Soccer Sunday.

Today was the Huddersfield Town VS Worcester FA cup game.

Went shopping this morning for more bird feeders and more bird food. Them birds is proper hungry at this time of year. Stocked them up with a total banquet. Gotta love those goldfinches man!!

Came home and watched the soccer with Riv. It was a typical televised Huddersfield game, notable by its crazy referee, yellow cards galore, lots of panicky kicking of a football, and a result that could just as easily have gone either way. I love it when Huddersfield win, I just struggle watching the games because it's always so damn tense.

The result: Huddersfield, down to ten men won 1-0

Foir a Worcester fan's view of the match, go here!!

We have drawn Chelsea in the next round of the cup, and fully expect to lose, but for the club to earn a whole heap of wonga!! What a great draw for the club.

Other than that, I haven't really done much. I took a bath, played a bit of Pogo (helping Michelle finish her weekly challenges) and managed to fit in a bit of Gamecube fishing fun.

I was wishing I had gone to the Academy last night, but am feeling like I can actually face work tomorrow, for the first time in a good few days. The flipside of NOT going out last night, I guess, is that I am able to sit back and cruise through this week, waiting for my contract to end. Small consolation, but I am not getting any younger!!

Glad that Emma and Chris enjoyed the night out though!!

Right, it's Sunday night, and I am steering myself toward an early night, early start, early finish.

I have a mountain of paperwork to tackle this week.... Must focus and stay motivated.

Good night all.

Cool thing for today:

Kerching, it's the third round draw.... Go Huddersfield!!


  1. Thank you for the links hun as well as the tickets,you too good to me lol
    Chris and I had a fab time,we havent stopped talking about it lol

  2. Jason drops his plasterscene and looks over at fox's game cube with green eyes and sulks a bit befor bed.....grass is always bloody greener lmao

  3. Well done to Huddersfield on getting through to the next round. I would love you to beat Chelski although you only just beat us so I doubt you will.


  4. Hey Foxmeister - my spicy prediction is a draw... and a return match at home.

  5. hey...
    i love soccer...there were times i woke up 4 in the morning to see the game.
    the most interesting game was in spring this year. estonian team played with portugal. i don't remember the score, but you can guess who won...haha. the level of those two teams was so easy to see. it seemed that portugese team was just running here and there to get the game finished. there wasn't much those moves that players (portugese players) do...

    and you are absolutely right...gotta love those goldfinches. we don't have goldfinches here, in estonia. did some searching to see how they look like...ADORABLE!!! give them my address...i wanna see them in my garden too!!! will you???

    well...have fun