Monday, December 05, 2005

Rant, spit, snarl, growl.

I started my monthly accounting preparations this afternoon, having left work early to ensure I would be able to complete the task.

This is not a procedure I enjoy, and ever since my internet business banking went all broken on me, it's not financially rewarding either. The incentive to do this work used to be the prospect of paying myself at least SOME amount of money. These days, because I am a 94% procrastinator, the form for renewal of internet banking services lies buried under some other papers, somewhere else.

I used a little incentive, to spur me on through the process of scanning, filing, addressing, posting, emailing, and bagging up all manner of rubbish. The incentive I had in mind, was the prospect of some Gamecube fishing.......

I had a major breakthrough in the old fishing world yesterday, and I am keen to exploit my new-found skill. I shan't bore you with the details, but let's just say, on a level where I may previously have accrued 35Lbs of fish, I am now reaching a grand total of 60Lbs+ of piscatorial product.

... So, incentive in mind, I cracked on, and sorted a few little "bonus" bits of personal administrative chores.

Then, gosh-darn-it (in case any minors may be reading this - I could use stronger), it's only bloody soap night.... Coronation Street, Eastenders, Coronation Street, and the not-so-grand-final of I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!!

Fishing's scuppered and I am spitting mad!!

Another thing that pissed me off today, which may seem trivial, is as follows - apologies for the boring subject matter in advance.

I have an extractor fan in the bathroom. It's on its last legs. It has been on its last legs for a while. For about a week, it has refused to shut off after the customary five minute (or so) delay, and has been on constantly.

I've looked at it once or twice, and realised I just need to take one of the live wires out of it and insulate the wire, so it doesn't work, until my Unc comes back down and fits me a new one.

I decided to tackle it today, so turned off the power to the entire house. Computers, video, cooker, every electrical item needs resetting.

Scrabbling round in the dark, I managed to find a candle, screwdriver, insulating tape, and a lighter. Why didn't I get this all organised BEFORE I turned off the power?? Anyways, armed with the necessary I approached the bathroom.

I am always very nervous around electric!!

I spent about 10 minutes buggering about, looking for which wire to disconnect, and relighting the worst candle in the world. I reached up to take hold of the wire, and lo and behold if it didn't just unplug on its own adapter!!

I didn't even need to switch the power off.... I could've done it days ago and reduced my carbon footprint immediately.

I am such an idiot!

Cool thing for today:

I am now chasing a £500 coffee machine.... I must be bored!! Apologies for the ultra-cheesy muzak!!


  1. Knowing you, if you did get the machine you'd be forcing coffee beans down the cats to produce your own Kopi Luwak.

    Remind me to always have tea when visiting FoX Acres.

  2. what do you call a man who used to be interested in farm machinery?.........................

  3. dammit.... I don't know.... should I know??


  4. An Ex-Tractor Fan

  5. Best way to do it fox turn the lights off first its the mans way of doing it too easy the other way lol.I could pull in more than 60lb of fish fox what you playin at haha.

  6. That joke had me in stitches. Ex-tractor fan. I LOVE IT!

    Sorry for your rough day, sweetie. The part that you said was boring wasn't, not at all. Although I am shamed to admit that I found comic relief in it. I do stuff like that all the time. :(

    Hang in there, luv!

  7. Yay your blogs workin again!!
    Ha ha can almost hear u cursing when u realised u didnt have to turn the electric off lol

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  9. Jason sits out by a pond in the rain, wet, cold no extractor fan just rod in one hand and a 10 gram man eater in the other, ow and on his right the wet dog for company and the uplifting smell that brings. On his left he sees foxes game cube with that kryptonite green glow. Jason sighs.