Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Love it or leave it.....

....I'll get beat up if I criticise it!!

Take a dash of christmas, add a pinch of fox. Stir together, and douse liberally with free Guinness. Pour into a great big christmas party, and invite the top boss!!

I'm not sure I have a job anymore!! Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted.

Seriously, I don't think I am gonna get fired or anything, but I wish I could keep my big effing mouth shut sometimes. I asked the big cheese a question, and he was impressed, he even said as much. In a state of drunken bravado, I moved on to the next topic, and began my usual trick of saying far too much, unnecessarily. I believe the conversation ended with me ordering him to kick one of my work colleagues up the arse!! I think it will be my turn next!!

I've had a rough ride over the last few days. Too much unrest at home. Too much Guinness, not that this is really a problem. Too many cocktails. Too many christmas parties. I am NOT a good drunk.

Hopefully, all this is behind me now... Oh, wait.... It isn't even christmas yet.

Come dance with me on the eve of the winter solstice. How magical, how utterly pagan.

In 1652 parliament tried to outlaw christmas in England.

Mistletoe was, for centuries, forbidden in the world of christianity. The victorians revived the acceptance of mistletoe, which was obviously a sacred pagan plant.

Holly was placed around homes during winter months as a pagan ritual to provide shelter for forest fairies. It is nothing to do with baby jesus, the berries aren't representative of his blood, in fact they were originally representative of sacred menstrual blood from the druids' goddess.

I could go on indefinitely about the hijacking of pagan rituals and celebrations. I won't, and I DO realise that this may well offend. It isn't my intention to offend, as much as to provide an eye opener. Take a good look at your christmas cards, you'll find a range of images on them that have absolutely no real christian foundation.

So, come dance with me. Let us think about the true meaning of winter celebration. Let's gather holly and mistletoe. Invite the fairies in, and cast out malevolence.

Christmas is (in my humble opinion) merely a celebration, invented to convert pagans to christianity. I'm not buying it!



  1. I'll buy it...but I'll wait until the sales start and get it for less.

  2. Actually, you're right. There were pagan holidays at this time of year before they decided to celebrate the birth of Christ.

    Winter is long and cold and even in ancient times, this was the time of year when depression started to set in, a result of shorter days, longer nights, cold and so on.

    A celebration was needed to cheer everyone and help them hold out until the spring when fairer weather and more sun brought the happy promise of new crops and so on. So there were pagan celebrations. However the church was askance at pagan celebrations and tried to banish them, but people weren't willing to give up their celebrations and so the church decided if you can't beat them, join a degree. They gave them something else to celebrate...happily this celebration coincided with Christ's mass...or maybe they fudged on the dates, who can say anymore they've mucked up the calendars so much, but anyway, there you have it. Christmas replaced pagan celebrations, and Easter replaced other pagan celebrations. Yule logs have to do with pagan celebrations but have been incorporated, Wassailing, Holly too as you say and there are many more. But I think it’s a good thing. The celebrations are all still needed, just look how depressed you've been lately. (grin) Instead of fighting it Fox, enjoy it. Relax and celebrate being alive to see another one if nothing else, and maybe spare a moment to raise a glass for the birth of Christ too if you’re so inclined. Bah humbugging just makes you seem old and grumpy...or British... bwahahahahahaha

    Mrs. Spice, who is eyeing your oreos with a lustful eye and shall eat them on you if you don’t show up soon. I’d be doing you a favor. They’re probably full of chemicals and bad for you type things anyway. Hmm, think I'll go ask Dave if you're coming tonight or not.

  3. I see you are feeling as festive as i am lol

  4. Man and I thought I was the only blogger that realized today is the winter solstice!I know alot about pagen relgion as well, not that I am a looney witch or anything LOL!
    I knew there was good reason to read your blogs! Keep up the good work ! I am on the same page as you with the convert the Christan's bit, ;0)but I love the holiday just the same, and love to get together with the entire family and try to give more then I recieve, yes I can be a tad bit sappy,
    BTW fox , didn't anyone tell you NOT to induldge at Christmas parites? You english are so respectful of people and edicate, oh wait a minute, you are a skinhead?

  5. I follow a bit of a Pagan path and was up to welcome the returning sun this morning. I also have today brought the mistletoe into the house.

    Happy Yule

    Blesssed be


  6. Yeah, I knew we were in the middle of the tunnel today and what a day I have had!! However I didn’t know about the holly, this is funny because this year I have been so wanting to walk in my beloved woodland (which I do every day) to pick holly and make a reef. I have never wanted to do this before. Tomorrow I think it might be something I do to celebrate the power of the pagan people!!

    As for you having a big mouth and saying too much, hell I have built a whole reputation for myself on this fact alone. You know what I say to that??

    A fox can’t fun with the hounds!!

    J x

  7. Too much Guinness can never be a bad thing. Lay off the cocktails, stick with the Guinness and give in to the dark side :)

    Still haven't found out who to talk to about getting you back on the list...still trying to find out...

  8. Happy Winter Solstace? Is that how the proper greeting would go?

    My Christmas cards had Winnie The Pooh and Piglet on them, sitting on the ground, gazing up at stars made of glitter. Glitter got everywhere as I was signing ALL FRIGGEN 60 of them.

    Did I ever tell you about my favorite history teacher who taught us from the aspect of religion? It was a unique approach and I learned so much about other sets of beliefs. If my memory serves (and it was - oh God - 12 years ago) It was the Catholic church that was instrumental in "replacing" the pagan holidays with "christian" ones. And from what I understand, Jesus was not thought to be born in the month of December, according to information in the Bible. So celebrate away, dear FoX. But keep your alcohol and your boss away from eachother!


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  10. It is good time of the year to discuss/debate about the recent hot topic, Intelligent Design VS Natural Selection.
    Wondering what Fox and his readers think about the Intelligent Design. Is it really a science or just another new religion?

  11. hey!
    i guess a lot of ppl are thinking about the meaning of christmas right now. so did i. i wrote some of my thoughts about christmas and i'm gonna post it tomorrow or...not...
    we'll see

    hugs & have fun

    P.S.and try to stay away that guinness

  12. Fox, I will be offline till Jan 4th 06. I would like to extend a MERRRY X-mas to you and your loved one's from CANADA!(eh)

  13. Yep stick to just the one good comment with the boss fox lmao.
    hey great link dogsincars thats some weird shit man lol some of the pics you cant even see the dog..fantastic.
    merry xmas uncle scrooge.