Sunday, December 11, 2005

Giant beanbag!!

I have spent all weekend wrestling with Michelle's christmas present.

I bought her a giant (faux) leather beanbag. It was too big to hide anywhere, and so she got her present early. I wasn't quite prepared for the size of it.

The new beanbag is billed as a two seater beanbag sofa.... But in fact, it is actually the same size as my existing three seater proper sofa.

The lounge is now full. You can't even walk round the beanbag, you just sort of have to crawl across it to get in and out of the room.

I think I might have slipped up!!

Fair enough, the beanbag came in handy today for some two player Gamecube action. Riv came round and we managed a few games of Japanese football, and some good old fashioned Sonic the Hedgehog. The beanbag provides back and neck support and makes for excellent gameplay. Just not sure I can stomach the concept of rolling round on the floor to get out of the room.

Michelle's baking my christmas cake today, and I've been making drop scones (or scotch pancakes if you prefer).

The birds are happy in the garden, they're really tucking into their ornithological feast. The sun's been shining. My cold (I mean flu) has just about gone, and all is right in the world of the fox. If only I could get my sleep pattern back in check. I think I managed three hours in bed and probably another four hours on the sofa. Shocking!!

What a strange week it's been... Can't remember the last time I had nearly a whole week off sick. Still, although all days have merged into one, good old Antiques Roadshow has dragged me back down to earth with the realisation that it is definitely Sunday. Hope y'all had a good weekend.

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  1. Glad u feeling better hun xx

  2. Bloody hell - three hours on the sofa and four hours in bed? Exactly how many Viagra did you swallow?

  3. So the bean bag you bought Michelle for Christmas is being well used by you and your friends playing games...hmmm!


  4. I can't quite imagine a giantic sofa-sized bean bag. Can you post pictures?

    For my own mirth and merriment, could you include at least one picture of someone rolling over the thing to get out of the room?

    Much appreciated, -Jen

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better! and you're right: I have a really hard time learning to "relax"'s a pet peeve of mine to not know when and how to be still...sometimes I master it...but most times there are many other things I could be doing...woe is me. Take care. -rey

  6. For christmas i want an ornithological feast on a giant bean bag!!!


  7. Have to say that the Michelle's Christmas cake ranks alongside my Auntie Tweenie's that were the highlight of wartime Christmasses.