Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bitter sweet symphony...

Doctor, doctor.... I keep thinking I am London bridge!!

What's come over you man?

Two cars a lorry and a bus!!

Life is apparently a rich tapestry of ever changing moods, colours, patterns, and flavours. My tapestry, unfortunately has turned into an effing great big black blanket, and it's made of that really horrible itchy wool stuff, that slowly erodes your skin.

What happened?

I don't actually know.

How do I go about changing it?

Answers on a postcard please!!

I haven't got the appetite to even construct a decent blog around the current state of my head. It's a shame, a right royal shame I tells ya!! I am hoping the wind picks up, and blows these black clouds far away from me.

Perhaps this is where I take your valuable career advice, turn into a dolphin and swim off into the North Sea, never to be seen again! It sure would be an easy option.

Trawling through the mountains of rubbish on the internet today, I stumbled upon a site that had managed to publish the entire Spike Milligan book - Badjelly the Witch. It's a childhood favourite of mine, and is a lovely insight into the workings of the great Spike's mind. For this reason, my.....

Cool thing for today:

Is, Badjelly the Witch. Go read, enjoy, and worship at the shrine of Spike. I always appreciate it when people take the time and trouble to contravene copyright laws in order to provide such a good service as this.


  1. Hey there hon. I am sorry you aren't feeling so great. I have searched, and searched, and searched, but I can not find those blasted lyrics anywhere on the internet. The closest thing I have found is a site that I think plays the whole song, but I don't know for sure because I do not have a sound card in my machine. Here is the link:
    Hope the black clouds blow far far away soon. {{{HUGS}}} Jen

  2. well...if you plan to turn into dolphin and swim into the north sea...the baltic sea is much more warmer and there's a bigger chance to survive and i could bring you some fishes and teach you some tricks...
    i hope you feel better today!!!
    take care

  3. I hope you're going to be a tuna friendly dolphin.

  4. By the way, I love that joke. I tried telling it to Colleen, but she didn't think it was all that funny and has been pestering me to sing the song for her ever since. Ha ha ha!

    Hope you are doing better today, luv.

  5. fook me fox your'e up n down like a brides nighty hahaha whats up now
    get on your gamecube.
    heres something you might enjoy if youv'e not seen it already a really good retro site honest have a browse round it i been playin java dungeon master my all time amiga favourite awesome.

  6. Have you considered it might be SAD, hon? You were getting a lot of fresh air and sunshine with your biking, but now the weather's turned, you probably aren't getting much at all, if any, and your body may have dropped into a funk because of withdrawal.

    Hang in there, fox. Things will get better and the sun will be back.


  7. Don't panic about your share price - it will be back - watch and see.

  8. Hi Fox, I hope that cloud is in some way starting to thin. I know how hard it is when in the grips of an emotional muffle. It’s like the hunters have come and blocked the holes with dogs and there is no way out and nothing seems to hold you in. Anyway this is one of spikes and he puts it so much better than I do!!

    There's nothing in the Garden,
    and unless I'm losing my sight,
    there was nothing again this morning.
    It must have been there all night.

    It's hard to see a nothing
    or even where its been.
    This was the longest nothing
    That I have ever seen.

    I locked all the drink in the cellar
    so nothing could get at the gin,
    but by skwonkle o'clock in the evening
    nothing had got in!

    So I bolted the doors and windows
    so nothing escape,
    I called for the local policeman
    who was armed with a helmet and cape.

    'I hear there's been a break in
    and you have lost something of worth.
    Can you describe the intruder?
    Yes he looks like nothing on earth!'

    Spike Milligan

    F***in genius

    J x

  9. FoX???
    A couple of days now and no post...

    AuntieJen21 is getting a case of motherly worry...

  10. I hope your little black rain cloud moves on soon. Maybe it's just the change of the seasons.

    The weather in my head changes frequently too. Right now I'm feeling... faded green with gray trim on the edges.

    Here's to sunnier days for you, Fox.


  11. A word of advice from an old man.
    Work should be merely a rehearsal for retirement, so practice!

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  13. Sorry. You're not allowed to turn into a dolphin. Flippers don't type. Hang in there: I'm not quite sure what is going on, but I don't like to see FoX sad/upset. Have a GREAT day! -rey

  14. I knew i shouldn't have given you that site lol stop playin those retro games man.

  15. FoX???? Where are you???? I come back from Jamaica and find you've been missing in action? Have you gone to Jamaica to look for Scotty's lyrics? Why didn't you tell me you were coming???!!!!

  16. FoX...

    Don't make me come over there!

    Post something, would you, and put this worrier's mind at ease?