Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bite my....

.... Shiny metal ass!!

This is the first part of my retro blog. I am set to resurrect a couple of previous ideas. You will also learn how following the fox's laws can land you in a whole heap of trouble.

Random acts of kindness....

Ok, I have this theory, and I've blogged it before, in my previous incarnation as a juvenile fox of msn spaces notoriety. The theory isn't so much mine, as probably that of Buddhism, whereby, if you do good things, then you will surely reap the rewards. Practicing random acts of kindness are one of my favourite nose-thumbs to society.

Kindness doesn't have to be a big gesture. Sometimes, in a supermarket, my height enables me to pick items off the top shelves (and we're not talking porn mags here, before anyone makes the implication) for poor old ladies that can't reach. Sometimes, if I see someone drop litter, I will pick it up and put it in a bin. Sometimes I just hold a door open for someone to go through before me. It doesn't take much.

Today, I carried out a couple of acts of kindness.

1) Emma, a girl I work with, spent her hard earned money on christmas decoration for our office, and spent time and effort putting various tinselly artifacts and objects around the place. She was a bit upset that she didn't have a tree for her desk.

1a) On the way home tonight, the traffic was absolute mayhem (my seven mile journey took over an hour) and I thought, as I was passing a garden centre (places notorious for their christmas decorations) that I would stop off, and buy a little tree and a few baubles to cheer Emma up. Job done... Karma in the bank... She'll be happy as Larry tomorrow.

2) Emma, a fellow(ess) blogger, completely and wholly unrelated to the Emma that I work with, was looking for a particular piece of software. I have the piece of software (which is very expensive, and I will not name for legal reasons) and was given it. I have arranged for Emma to come over at the weekend, and collect said software, and I will take her to my local pub for a meal and a few drinks. It's not much, but it surely counts as a random act of kindness?? Karma points racking up.

Ok, so I am flushed with my sense of kindness and humanity.... Until Michelle walked through the door.

Straight away she saw the little christmas tree in the bag and asked what it was.... I explained the story, and apparently my explanation has been seen as some sort of threat. She insists that I would not have bought the same items for her even if she had asked for them, which of course she never has, and of course we all know Michelle can have anything she wants, whenever she wants. She is now sulking!! I haven't even mentioned about the other Emma coming over on Saturday, I think now might not be quite the right time.... Hahahaha.

So, random acts of kindness don't necessarily mean you will have an easy ride!! Be warned.

I am still livid at the premise, in Michelle's mind, that I would refuse to buy her something.... It defies all logic, reason, and belief.... That's women for you I guess.

Cool thing for today:

Mebbe I need to read up a bit. Not that I have done anything wrong, you understand!!


  1. OMG fox im scared now! am looking forward to saturday hun but will i leave alive???
    Aw was looking forward to meeting Michelle too!
    Get down on your knees and grovel boy!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!! Classic! Did no body tell you about karmic jet lag?? Ow yeah it’s very real!! See, you book your karma flight and make your payments etc, everything is great! The flight is smooth and the food is, well tolerable and the hostess is cute. Then you get to your destination and find its dark where your deeds are so soaked in light!!! “What’s all this then captain??” Well, it takes the world a little while to catch up with your karmic clock! Or like a karmic bank, it’s not always in their best interests to pay up on that fat karmic cheque you deposited with such pride!! “Sorry sir that’s three full working days…no sir Saturday doesn’t count.”

    Great blog fox! Michelle sounds like the perfect partner!! Thank god she loves you the same as you do her!!!

    Sooo funny, I’m still laughing as I write….

    J x

  3. Sounds like you'll be getting more than a kiss under the mistletoe from emma at work fox you old smoothy lol.

  4. Even the moon has jet lag!!!

    Ow well it's the 13th that al doo!!

    Nice poem hehehe

  5. Bugger me! (not literally) - I bring two packs of Oreos three thousand miles for you and you won't take me to the pub for a drink and collect them.

    I think they'll be eaten soon.

  6. Foxhopper,

    It's not about you buying things for Michelle - It's about lavishing your attention and your thoughts on her... not on someone else.

    Sometimes the random act of kindness should not be random.

    cat: "Do you hear your own heartbeat?"
    FoX: "No"
    cat: "Do you hear the grasshopper that is at your feet?"
    FoX: "Old cat, how is it that you hear these things?"
    cat: "Young FoX, how is it that you do not?"

  7. (sigh)

    Because I have felt the way that Michelle must be feeling, I can relate.

    I am not sure I can even explain it to you, especially in the confines of a tiny little comment.

    Here is what would make me feel better... if Shawn came up out of the blue and gave me a hug or back rub and told me he was sorry that I felt bad and that it wasn't his intention to hurt me at all, but rather it was inspired by newfound happiness at work and wanting to contribute. And then, tomorrow, surprise her with something that she has maybe mentioned a time or two, but hasn't gotten for herself. Something that you and your friends can't play video games on (lol). Just a token to show her how much you love her. It will reassure her of your enduring love and fidelity. I think I read somewhere that you have been together 16 years (I could be wrong). Shawn and I have known eachother since I was 8yrs old and he was 9 (so over 19 years now) and I still get a teensy twinge of envy or possessiveness once in a while. It's just part of being a girl and being in love. Yes, we know that we could have anything, and that you would get us what we want, but that knowledge goes out the window when our feelings of envy rear their ugly heads over such small (and very sweet) gestures for other girls. It's just the way we are.

  8. Not all women are greedy gift grabbers, I am one of them. This Michelle chick sounds like trouble! I have a feeling she thinks too much of herself. Stay away from the Karma suckers! And remember you can't please everyone all the time, you can only do your best and hope the people worth a vested intrest pay attention. Thanks for stopping by my space. X-mas songs drive me NUTS too at times, any special delight that really drives you mad? Stop by and tell me! I will post it..