Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Krypton Egg!!

A fantastic game for the Atari ST along the lines of Arkanoid, it's the classic bat and ball, knocking bricks out of a wall, and some of the bricks turn into bonuses. Sounds great eh?

Well, let me tell YOU... It was great. I put it in my top ten games of all time. In fact, I haven't done a list in a while, so here's a treat for you.

(in no particular order, other than the fact that they are my ten most favourite games of all time)

a) Burnin' Rubber - Arcade driving.
b) Krypton Egg - Atari ST blockbuster.
c) Llamatron - Atari ST (probably my all time fave).
d) Super Black Bass - SNES probably the first fishing game I ever played, and guess what, I've been hooked ever since.... Pun intended!!
e) Parappa the Rapper - PS2 rapping game with sumptuous 2d characters animated in a 3d style, like they're made from bendy paper or something. Artwork by genius Rodney Alan Greenblatt, and the most fantastic cool rap songs.
f) Space Duel - Arcade 2 player asteroids game but MUCH better.
g) Super Mario Kart - SNES barnstorming racing game - The best Mario Kart incarnation of all time.
h) Point blank - Arcade shoot-em-up with some cool plastic guns with built in recoil. I used to play it until my eyes watered and my arms fell off.
I) Manic Miner - ZX Spectrum, the finest platform ever to cross Eugene's Lair!! Followed up by the much harder but infinitely more bobbins Jet Set Willy.
j) Command and Conquer Generals - PC. A real time war strategy game where you move little men and little tanks around, and if you get good, you can play as the Iraqis with dirty bombs and nukes.... Not very politically correct, and they don't call them Iraqis, but you don't have to be a genius to work it out.

Ok, so there's my top ten.

The reason I started banging on about Krypton Egg, is that I had a few emails today with the co-creator of said game. I bought a version for Michelle, for her mobile phone, and had to email support.... whaddya know, if it isn't the man himself.

Very very cool!

I am rubbish around my heroes. I always try to say too much in too short a space of time, and end up looking like some dumb obsessive maniac.... I am destined never to be cool around the people who I think are cool!! Like the time I emailed Gaz Topp.... He hates being called that by the way.... I insisted on calling him it, of course, in several emails, until he refused to respond.

I've had some cool emails in my time.... I wish I'd kept them. I had an email from the girls who present Bitz, a computer game show... They're foxy and they play games, what more could you want. I had an email from Tony Hart of Vision On and Take Hart fame allowing me to use his Vision On logo to print on my own Tshirt, he even sent me a better version of the image. Gaz Topp (sorry Gareth Jones) I already mentioned. Rodney Alan Greenblatt, whom I nearly ended up doing a website for. Now, I have emails from the creator of my all time fave game. I daresay there were others, but they are all unfortunately consigned to the great recycle bin in the sky.

In other news, my friend Al, bought a Mame cabinet today. I am very excited to check it out, it will be like owning all the original arcade games in your very own home... woohoo.

Ok, enough emails and games, I'm away to my pit.

Cool thing for today:

Rodney Alan Greenblatt is one of the modern day great artists.... I have a permanent link to his site, but you should go see him today!!


  1. You should have added a media player and had the Tony Hart gallery theme playing in the background.


    This version is by The Lance Gambit Trio (featuring Mystical Marjorie)

  2. Beautiful list there fox arkanoid i love it..never seen krypton egg though.Email off tony hart nice one great artist.
    Mame cabinet yeah now were talking.
    Devastating dave album on its way fox lol.

  3. Wow...Greenblatt's stuff is really quite cool. Don't know much about the (atari) game stuff...but its interesting reading your description of the games. Krypton Egg sounds like something I would like....a nice way to pass a couple of mindless hours, yet still end with a sense of acomplishment.

  4. I can't read yellow text on the white background of my RSS reader!

    I wrote about Rodney Greenblat's 'Dazzloids' in my college thesis in 1995, he was pretty cutting edge back then and I love his stuff still.

    About games, what was with that scary duck-thing in the Atari 2600 game - 'Adventure', it used to freak me out! It's wierd, if I saw it now, all I'd see would be blocky indecipherable squiggles. I find it amazing - thinking back to how engrossed I got in such simple games... To me it was real at times.

    And Krypton Egg, I'm sure we shared a few go's on that back in the day. I remember it being a very good game at getting the player to gradually tense up as the ball got faster and the crazy melodies from the bricks being smashed made your brain contort. It was quite good just to watch too.

  5. Whats up fox you still in your pit lol