Saturday, November 19, 2005

Jack frost in the area.

Beautiful frost layer this morning. Hard thick white frost covering everything. I actually thought at first sight, that it had snowed during the night.

The sun was bright, and the sparkling iridescent frost was delightful.

I took particular enjoyment in viewing the bowling green out of the back windows of my house. As the sun rose and melted the frost, there was a great line straight across the middle, giving a brilliant white side and a glorious green side, straight line.

Puts me in mind of some of Andy Goldsworthy's frost and rain silhouettes. Marvelous stuff.

The birds were reaping the rewards of our labour. Winter brings all manner of trouble for our feathered friends. It's imperative that they get enough to eat and drink at this time of year, and the fat contents are very important. Feast they did.

More fishing fun, Namco classics, and a bit of my new Japanese football game.... Brilliant!

In other news.... Two policepersons shot in Bradford last night, one dead, one seriously injured. Huddersfield's shootings seem to have turned into a craze for throwing breeze blocks through bus windows.... Terrifying. Seventeen and a half thousand people turned up to a 0-0 derby between Bradford and Huddersfield today.

That's about it for a cold and frosty Saturday.... Hope all your weekends are shaping up nicely.

Cool thing for today:

Very cool indeed!!


  1. The blogger named Foxy is back,
    With stories of frosty old Jack,
    Of winter's so pleasant
    And the word 'iridescent'
    Such a joy to see that he's back

  2. i really enjoyed reading this entry...
    spice-the-cat is right----foxy is back

    have a great sunday

  3. Hi Arctic Fox, got to your blog from a link on SpoileChile blog.

    I see you are a Huddersfield Fan, are you coming to the FA Cup team against little old Worcester City?

    Worcester are my second team, Swindon are my first(the way things are going for them they might be my second team soon:-) )

    anyway enjoyed you blog will be back again soon