Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I look like a poorly dog....

I am lying in the middle of the lounge floor with my arms and legs in the air, moaning like poorly dog. I've eaten too much!! Fish and chip supper (in honour of my Uncle's birthday). Superb.

If you fancy fish and chips in Brighouse, I can recommend the Golden Hind cafe.... Their jumbo haddocks are unequalled in size and quality!!

Kev: I used to do a lot of film reviewing on my original blog, but I find it difficult to review a film, and not give loads of spoilers.... For your benefit, let me recount the experience.

After a bit of a panicked (roadwork diverted) journey en route to the cinema, we arrived just in time. Got myself two scoops of chunky monkey ice cream and one scoop of cherry garcia, and a large cappucino. Remember this is (in my experience) a late night showing, starting at 9:15pm. The coffee was very welcome.

We walked into screen 7 of the UCI cinema of Huddersfield, and took our seats...... Middle row, middle of row.... Perfect, but with only ten other people in the cinema, you couldn't really get a bad seat.

Mostly when I walk into a cinema screen, it's pretty dark. Today was an exception and it was quite bright.... It gave me just enough chance to notice just how absolutely filthy the seats in that cinema actually are. The amount of grease and filth was pretty rank to be honest, and had me itching all the way through the movie. So that was a good start. UCI take note, you really wanna get those seats cleaned up!!

Film starts....

Fox is not amused.

Film slightly out of focus.

I presumed it would settle down.

It didn't.... I couldn't quite put my finger on what the focus problem was. Perhaps it's the way the film was shot, or the inferior projection equipment? Occasionally some bit at the bottom of the screen was in focus, sometimes a full screen close up was in focus, but for the majority of the film it was slightly off, and this REALLY pissed me off.

For those that didn't already know, I went to see the Brothers Grimm.

Ok, so it's a twisted fairy tale kind of film.... Brothers Grimm are con artists, conning villages into letting them exercise (hoax) fairytale type demons, and paying handsomely. The brothers end up confronting real fairytale demons.... That's about it plotwise. Hope I haven't spoiled it, but I haven't divulged much.

To be fair, the film's a bit thin. The accents are pretty awful all the way through with some strange dialect which seems to shift between french, yorkshire, and some other weird thing... It was quite off-putting I found.

The brothers' relationship is part of the plot, and it's not really done very well. Some of the editing was very harsh, with weird instant shift from one scene to another without warning that the previous scene was even finished. Very strange.

I'd say, in conclusion... DON'T go to UCI cinemas. Wait for the movie on DVD. Sleepy Hollow is, in my opinion a better movie, in the dark fairytale vein. If you haven't seen Sleepy, then grab yourself a copy and watch it instead. Brothers isn't necessarily a BAD movie, it's just not brilliant. The experience was particularly bad. Michelle enjoyed it, but I don't think she shares my warped view of the world.

Right, I'm gonna drag my sorry ass to bed, and sleep off these fish and chips.

Cool thing for today:

In truth, I didn't have time to find anything, but DO go have a look at Kev's page, and watch his video.... It features breakdancing Yoda from the Star Wars episode 3 DVD easter egg, and that brilliant Catchphrase clip where Mr. Chips is having some hand shandy.... Brilliant. Leave him a comment.


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  2. Since when were you an incontinent senior citizen with failing mental capacity and bad eyesight?

    I've been misled!

  3. That's a downer. The movie came out a while ago over here, and I thought it looked good, despite the bad reveiws. Oh well, I still want to rent it sometime.

    And Spice! Put down the thesaurus and s l o w l y walk away. . .

  4. Foxy!!

    I heard that the film got butchered by the producers (the notorious Weinstein brothers of Miramax). Apparently the arguments between them and Gilliam were so bad that production stopped for several months to let things calm down. The term I think I heard Gilliam use in terms of the film was "Compromised".

    Oh well, at least he's apparently attempting to get Time Bandits 2 off the ground!!

  5. Okay...so explain your comment...what are you referring to regarding the "underlying current to this passive/dominant/submissive problem". You've intrigued me.

  6. Hey definately with you on the out of focus picture..nightmare.
    chunky monkey icecream class lol.
    cheers fox for that i have seen sleepy hollow i liked that.
    thanks for the link dude.
    p.s i been tagged again but i dont know 10 people lmao errr.Dont worry man it goes no further.