Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"I am just going outside and may be some time."

What a bonus day.

I received a series of long anticipated parcels today.

1) Netgear wireless ADSL router/hub thing.
2) pcmcia wireless card for laptop.
3) Last of the mohicans - USA version - DTS Director's edit.
4) Bass fishing game for Gamecube.
5) 10 Namco classics for Gamecube
6) 24 Midway classics for Gamecube
7) Need for speed underground 2 for Gamecube
8)Freeloader for Gamecube (lets me play all the American games I just bought)

Marvellous.... it's gonna take me weeks to enjoy this little stash. It's like my own trick or treat bounty.

This is my first ever wireless blog!! Welcome!!

Glad to see spice and mrs. spice have arrived safely in New York... hope they're having a good time and manage to keep us posted.

One thing astonished me today, and it won't really interest many people, but I feel fully obliged to share the knowledge. On eBay, the old Nintendo64 games if they are still sealed with the Nintendo red seal, they are fetching about £300.... that's about $530 of your American money!! I am amazed, and a bit sad that, not only did I open all my games, I even threw all the packaging away!! Hahahaha I am a player, not a collector. Play, destroy, renew, move on!!

I am totally itching to get on my Gamecube now, but Michelle is watching TV.

I think I have to print a public apology for my treatment of Michelle in her halloween costume that I wrote about yesterday.... obviously this is not the behaviour of a good role model. I think it's fairly indicative of most couples who are gamers!! One of the guys I work with isn't allowed to even talk while his fiance plays Nintendogs.... my how I laughed!!

Michelle got me with this month's "pinch and punch" at the stroke of bloody midnight..... I am fuming!

Cool thing for today:

Nintendo.... no I am jesting....

Here's something I was shown today..... if you go to google, and search for "failure", but click the "I'm feeling lucky" button instead of the search.... see where you end up??

I can explain the above phenomenon, but it would spoil it for those that want a laugh... mebbe another time.


  1. Greetings from across the Pond.

    Dark forces at work on Google it seems... je je je!

  2. hahaha!! That's too funny! Especially since CNN has been all ablaze with proclaiming these the worse two months of his political career...wonder if they know that Google shares the opinion!

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  4. I wonder if anonymous realizes that you have CATS and not DOGS?!?! :P

    I did the Google thingy and got a laugh out of it. You know, it is a wonderful thing to live in a country where we will not get executed for doing stuff like that. :)

    Yay Freedom! Yay for getting parcels in the mail! Yay for Blogging!

    Must go rest now, "voice" is hoarse from all the cheering.

  5. How did i know bush would come up hehe im a smartass.
    hey fox dont be letting no girls stop you from playin your new games lol.All this talk of gamecubes and no mention of zelda whats going on man.
    right i cant take any of this daytime tv shite anymore sorry love tomb raiders going on...

  6. Hey- haven't been around for awhile, just thought I would stop in and let you know I am still alive...