Monday, November 14, 2005


God damn, it has finally started to turn cold.... I mean really cold in England. No matter how much I turn up the central heating the house is still cold.

I am now looking at finding a joiner and beginning negotiations on having my windows replaced. I do realise that I should have done this in the summer, but of course you always forget how cold it can be in the winter. That'll teach me... Maybe!!

The wind is absolutely howling at the moment, howling through the gaps in the windows, down the chimney, through the gaps in the doors, and inevitably whistling round my noggin!! The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow, and what will poor robin do then?

I need sunshine and warmth. Anyone prepared to offer this arctic fox a place in the sun will be rewarded in heaven.

I am going to the cinema tonight... A fairly late night showing of "The Brothers Grimm" which I mentioned before. I am looking forward to it, but am fairly convinced that I will be fast asleep in the cinema before it's finished, and more importantly, will be fast asleep in the morning when I switch off the alarm clock and pull the duvet over my draughty swede!! It seemed like a good idea when it was conceived, but alas, having had time to think it over, I am beginning to question the logic.

I spent a while this morning answering an online questionnaire about whether or not I am a procrastinator. I think they somewhat missed the very essence of the test, in that, if you have time to take a procrastination test, then you've already passed with flying colours. I am happy to say I scored a respectable 94%. I am in the top 10% of procrastinators!! I subsequently went searching on how to fix this problem, and found an essay that some guy had written, about constructive procrastination. In fact the very reason he had typed the essay was to avoid doing all the other things he needed to do.... And I read it.... It's a vicious circle. At this point my head explodes, and I forget what I was looking for and go back to drool over the Philips ambilight televisions.

I need to make more lists.

I intend to bring back my quotation of the day.... Starting tomorrow!!

Quotation of the day:

Procrastination: A hardening of the oughteries.

Cool thing for today:

Measure your procrastination.


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  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your kind blog comment.

    Unfortunately, I am only versed in the English language, and as such, I understand approximately 1% of your comment, and the part that I understand, is that you are selling something..... and I don't want it.

    I won't be coming and checking it out, as neither I, nor any of my fellow bloggers are remotely interested, or fooled by your blatant marketing tactics.



  3. Nice comment. Glad to see you're back on top form with the old blog, too.

    Weather over here isn't too bad... yet. Can still go out at night with a light coat. That means a lightweight coat, not a coat that lights up in the dark, although one of those would be quite useful.

  4. im with spice,glad to see u on form again , always enjoy popping by xx

  5. Dear Arctic Fix,

    It is not good to be reading of your coldness and understanding you and Robin are chilly boys.

    I am wishing you and your grim brother are cheered by the cinema audience at the show and the windy Swedes do not make too much noise in your duck down filled bedding.

    What is a whistling noggin?. Is a hot drink for cold knights?

  6. C'mon down to sunny North Carolina, FoXy! We had amazing weather today, mid-seventies (f), sunny, breezy, a great day for running around in the yard barefoot, chasing the first of the falling leaves.
    And if Michelle cooks, bring her too! I am taking a break from my culinary attempts until I get my oven back in decent repair.

    PS Way to dish it back to Anonymous!

  7. I scored 38/100... a moderate procrastinator. I really ought to work on my goal setting.
    Oh well. Maybe tomorrow...


  8. Dear Arthritic Fax

    Winter is never a good time to be a brass monkey - It's a time to keep your eyes upon the floor and watch for chilly appendages dropping off and rolling away.

    Consequently it is also a time when brass monkeys have serious accidents and can become badly injured through not being able to watch where they're going.

    Please click on the link and donate a large part (or preferably all..) of your salary this month and help us to help them.

    As an added incentive we have specially chosen the Fox household to be included in our Caring Doner's Prize Draw.

    Should you be the lucky winner we'll allow you to draw a picture of one of the many prizes on offer.

    Give now and give generously.

    Pete Chatsic
    The Brass Monkey Foundation

  9. i would offer you sun and warmth, but the weather is kind of same here. wind is howling and there might be some overflow in Pärnu(this is a city by the baltic see). they say the water could rise 1,5 meters. it's not as bad as it was in january...but still...
    but i can offer you a warm house with no wind blowing through the windows. :o)

    be cool and take care
    warm hugs

    P.S. i was kind of hoping you'd say that what did you say in your comment ;) thanks!!!

  10. so you and robin are chilly eh fox what you not tellin us lmao.
    give us a review of grim film.