Saturday, November 26, 2005

Every action force.....

Has an equal and opposite reaction force.

This is a fine lesson in life. It's a scientific equation that actually also translates quite nicely into my favourite subject of karma.

Suffice to say, my body knows all about this equation. Today it is reaping the whirlwind of a Friday night on the tiles. I feel rougher than a badger's bare bottom!!

A friend passed me a link this week, and I have to share it with you.

National Buy Nothing Day!

Ok, so at first, it just seems like a bit of a prank. It obviously receives bugger all in the way of publicity. How could anyone in their right mind advertise such an event?? Read a bit deeper into the website, and you see it is complete rebellion, anarchy, passive resistance, and civil disobedience, all bundled up in a neat little package. The best thing about it, by far, is that in order to actually participate, you don't have to do a thing. I obeyed to the letter, and spent nothing!!

My ONLY regret is that I didn't share this beautiful concept with you ahead of the day itself.

Spent most of the day bathing, snoozing, and generally lounging.

I am totally pleased to see so many lovely birds in my garden lately. Unprecedented numbers of birds are coming to feast on the veritable ornithological smorgasbord (sp?). The happy sight of the gorgeous goldfinch is one that I particularly relish.

Cool thing for today:

Magnetic poetry, but with the added advantage of being even more pointless. The 94% procrastinator in me loves it. The other advantage is that you don't need to own a fridge either!!


  1. I took part in Buy Nothing Day, took some talking to win my Wife around into not Xmas shopping today.

  2. Scratching sleep,
    Dog day,
    Between Sounds,
    Never again.

  3. Finding rest,
    Changes now,
    Knowing more.


    Days closing.
    Calmed with

  4. Shit! I broke the "Buy Nothing Day"...but I guess it really doesn't count here in the US. The 26th of November is typically the second day of "Buy Everything Day"...Usually the day after Thanksgiving is the day all the stores open up at about 5am and everyone Kicks off their Christmas's total insanity. I have never partaken of this becuase I hate lines. I'm okay with crowds, but I have no patience for waiting in line. Hm. Hope you have a great weekend! -Rey

  5. The group I belong to, freecycle, also promotes this concept and earlier this week I actually got an email from the group leader with that link in it. Freecycle's goal is to keep stuff out of landfills by giving it to someone who could use it. I almost got by with out buying anything, but crowds were really light so I snuck out and got Shawn's present... couldn't help myself! :P
    Magnetic poetry was frustrating, I couldn't find the words I wanted for my poem after I made the first line...

    Seventy little hedgehogs
    Sleeping in a row
    One wakes up
    And away he goes!

  6. hey!
    that magnetic poetry is cool...

    have a great week