Friday, November 04, 2005

Classic collection.

Just to apease Kev, and the myriad of like minded gamers... I am going to type up the equivalent of gamer's porn... here's the list of retro classics I recently bagged for my Gamecube:

Spy Hunter
Defender II
Joust 2
Robotron 2084
Smash TV
Super Sprint
Marble Madness
Satan's Hollow
Root Beer Tapper
Dig Dug
Pole Position
Pole Position II
Ms. Pac-Man

Apologies to all those, for whom the preceding list might as well have been written in French. Unfortunately, confronted with a list such as this, I succumb to a very Pavlovian reaction, and start salivating.

Day two in the Big Foxy house, and the fox is tidying the shelf in the bathroom.... another succesful half hour session. Today, I sort of ran out of time, and as a result there's a bigger mess than when I started.... should be easy to make some good headway tomorrow though.

I'd just like to say.... Happy weekend everyone!!

I'd also like to say... as it is now slightly past midnight, happy Guy Fawkes day to one and all.... this is the 400th anniversary of Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. What would have happened if he had succeeded... one can't help but wonder. I also think it's very cool that we still celebrate and commemorate this act of defiancy. Light some fireworks in an irresponsible manner in honour of this fine fellow!!

I shall be attending a bonfire this evening and celebrating in my own fashion. Perhaps I will take my tripod and camera and try to get some bonfire shots..... even an odd firework or two.

Right, I am flipping out and off to bed. Fox yawns and rubs his bleary eyes, glances at the TV and nearly wretches at the image of a naked woman with melting skin in the craziest of films: The Shining!!

Hodgey: With reference to Spectrum games, my faves were obviously:

Manic Miner; Jet Pac; Arcadia; Jonah Barrington's Squash; Hard Cheese; Wheelie; Alien8; Knightlore; School Daze; Splat; Hobbit; Travel with Trashman; Trashman; Ah Diddums; Trader; The Orb; Penetrator; 3d Ant Attack; Pssst; Cookie; Trans Am; Lunar Jetman; Tobor;

Cool thing for today:

Mr. Hodge has bettered me with his fantastic Spectrum link... here it is... go play... knock yourself out.


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  3. Yipee! The first of "real" bloggin buddies to leave a comment. NUTS TO YOU "Anonymous"!
    That is quite a list of titles you have there. I bet your thumbs are about to fall off your hands!
    Kudos to you on the 1/2 hour of cleaning. Sign up for FlyLady - really knock Michelle's socks off with your domestic capabilies. Dividens will likely pay out ten fold! :P
    Have fun at your bon fire (but not TOO much fun!)

  4. Bloody hell, Jase. Here am I looking for news from home & you're blogging about games.

    Mrs spice says hello, too.

  5. thanks, FoX!!!

    have a nice weekend

  6. That is some sweet list fox baby i can feel a stirring in my loins galaxian fantastic i could do with a game of that right now but shes got columbo on so i cant hehe.
    a fine list sir.cheers fox

  7. sorry anonymous cat thats my fault lmao keep it up fox.