Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Can't blog...

... won't blog!!

I am hot.

I am tired.

I am square eyed from playing all my Nintendo games.... 24 retro arcade games on one disc is too much for a fox to bear.

I now remember how much your fingers ache when you are constantly and rapidly tapping away at a big green fire button, as wave after wave of ghosts hunt you down in Gauntlet!! Classic.

My good news for today, is that I managed to bag a relatively cheap copy of Winning Eleven 6 for my Gamecube on eBay - in fact about half the price I imagined and a third cheaper than I was prepared to pay... woohoo there ARE still eBay bargains to be had!!

I am going to bed.

Congrats to the family spice on this their special day!!

I promise to read all your blogs tomorrow morning at work.

Cool thing for today:

No Burger King are not cool, but Darth Vader is!!


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  2. Yes, read our blogs at work. Save your valuable free time for GAMING! Just don't get caught... :P

    Have a great one!

  3. The force is strong with this one..........Fox I am your father.
    Which character do you use for gauntlet i'm thinking the archer
    am i right ??