Sunday, November 20, 2005

Brain power.

I've watched a couple of programmes about Egypt tonight. I went there earlier this year on a bit of a luxurious break. It was a very interesting place... Very hot and mystical.

I'm amazed that in the sweltering heat, I actually learned quite a lot, and in the space of two weeks, managed to see nearly everything worthy of note (with the exception of Abu Simbel).

I actually know about the pharoahs, and the construction methods, about the battle of Qadesh, and a whole host of other stuff.

The tour was pretty much whistle-stop style. I am absolutely amazed at the brain's innate ability to soak up information like this. I wasn't even THAT aware that I was learning anything.

Hooray for brains.... I'm sure any good zombie would agree!!

Well, it's bloody Sunday night again, and I am ready for bed. I've fished like a maniac, smoked a few reefers, drunk a bit of beer and eaten curry. Standard weekend. Just how I likes it!!

There's some sort of "crisis" meeting happening tomorrow, and while I am not optimistic, I am anxious to know the outcome, either way. I just need to know what's happening so I can start to make plans. This time next week I might be retired... hahahahah.... I WISH!!

I tell you what, I've caught some bloody big bass today... Not enough of them, but I am mastering the range of lures on offer. I love fishing games, and Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge is no exception... Quality.

Right, that's about enough of a footprint in the sand to say that I was here at least. Bed beckons.

Cool thing for today:

A great Egyptian lesson.


  1. Wow, you got to go to Egypt? How exciting. Someday I am going to see more of the world. Must win lotto first, but someday... :P
    I'll think of you tomorrow, I hope the meeting goes well and that everything turns out in your favour. (Is that how you spell it? I am all confused since "colour" earlier...)
    Hang in there, FoXy...let us know how the meeting goes.


    PS. At first, I thought you meant REAL fishing. Or should I say REEL fishing, hahaha

  2. Best of luck for tomorrow, Foxmeister - Whatever the outcome I'm sure fortune will be smiling on you.

  3. I would love to go to Egypt. That's too cool. You should share some pics if you have them.

    Glad you had a good weekend! Take care. -rey

  4. hope everything went well with your meeting.

    i'd like to say i took these pics. but these are from here:[fotopank_ekraanile]=1&RECORD_INDEX[fotopank]=1&otsingutekst=G_l_i_n_n_u_d

    if you have time, you can see really amazing pics there (birds, plants, sun, clouds...)


  5. Battle of quadesh hmm sounds like a computer game to me fox lol.