Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Smoke and mirrors.

What the heck is going on in the world? Does anyone actually know?

I am amazed some days, that the news portrays events in such a disjointed fashion that it's almost impossible to follow anything.

Admittedly, there's a lot going on in the world, but who really gives a flying monkey about Kate Moss and her coke habit? Probably only her dealer is really interested, 'cos he's about to lose a top paying customer (I imagine).

Suicide bombers, nearly one and hour were happening in Iraq recently, it was in the news, but the next day it was not. Did they just stop, or was it no longer the titillating headline grabbing fodder of the day before? Was Rick Parfitt waking up in bed with an electrician in a Harrogate (the worldly centre of rock and roll) hotel, too big a story to simply let slip under the carpet of tabloid journalism?

Should I be amazed that these things happen? Not really. Imagine if we did actually know what was going on. What's happening in Afghanistan? What's going on after the recent riots in Northern Ireland? Remember back to when the tanks were rolling into Baghdad, and the toppling of Saddam's statue... Isn't it slightly odd that those three weeks or so of conflict received more coverage than everything that's happened there since?

It's all smoke and mirrors. It's specifically designed for us NOT to be able to follow a story. No matter how hard we try, we will never be in full receipt of the facts. It really IS true that yesterday's news is today's fish and chips wrapping.

Keep 'em stupid, keep 'em happy.

I shouldn't rant, but it's a while since I did. Now that I think back, weren't we recently launching a massive attack on the opium fields of Afghanistan? What the frik happened there? I rest my case!!

Cool thing for today:

Today's news in pictures - An interesting view of the world.... Stop and think....


  1. I agree with you, FoX. I find it extremely frustrating and also insulting. I think that a good portion of people really don't care or follow the news, but for us that would like too... rant on!

  2. There are a number of news agencies who post on the web without prejudice, just do a search for them - IPS is one such - and there's the Drudge Report - always interesting. If all else fails you might be surprised at how good al jazeera is - although it does have a bias towards reporting from Arab countries - and has been demonized by the western press despite the fact that it's just another news agency - like Sky, or ITN or the BBC or Fox News or CNN

    Hi FOXy

    That's very thought provoking blog entry...
    The chimerical quality of news is increasingly obvious.
    Everywhere we see perniciously empty label in news(?).

    Lets think only about philosophy and sciences.
    Lets think how to escape from this beautiful violent world.

    Yes, we can be patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.

  4. you are so right - it is all smoke and mirrors!!!

    by the way...you can wash your face
    i can do it again...;)

  5. I agree with you too, FoXy. It pisses me off when tabloid sensationalism takes priority over actual world events. I do not care who had what kind of run way show or won some kind of hollywood award. And yet those always seem to make it to the top. I wonder if it is frustrating to the reporters too, I would think it has to be. Hey, only a couple more days till birthday trip! Has server migration been rescheduled yet?

  6. Thanks for the comment hun,i know how to get the pic on there just not how to make it small enough....

  7. Oh FoX, I just luuuuv how you spell "honourable". :) You're the best!

  8. Oh, you CAN leave comments here...I looked before, and couldn't figure out how you did that.

    Haven't seen you around lately. Figured you weren't gonna visit anymore. But hope you have a great day!