Friday, September 09, 2005


Ok, it's Friday... Woohoo!

Let me get the apologies out of the way first.

Normally, I like to keep a "family friendly" blog. I realise yesterday's link to a prostitute in Blackpool was wholly out of keeping with said "family" theme. I will not try to justify it, other than it DID actually tell you what it was before you ended up there - I couldn't have been much clearer about that. Apologies to anyone who was offended or found their kids/spouses surfing some of the pornographic links from that page. Personally, I just thought it was an interesting blog.

Gary and Vicky, I have to apologise for the manner in which the second half of Olivia's gift arrived. I bought her some banana flavoured chewing gum from some stupid German goth website... otherwise it'd have had to come from America and one of the sites wanted to charge $60 postage... can you believe that?? I wasn't to know it would come with a catalogue emblazoned with a bloke with a revolver in his mouth saying "buy or die" and/or that it would come with a complimentary set of demonic hair-sticks (you know like those chopstick things that chicks wear in their hair). Sorry... hope the Double Monkey Banana Gum was ok though??

Banana chewing gum and trampolines are NOT to be mixed!!

Ok, down to business....

The bike is back.. and fixed... and I took a crash course in lubrication - and it was nothing to do with Suzie Slut - so take your mind out of the gutter!! I also looked at some nice night riding lights... budget ones... I can't afford the £200+ for the good ones yet. I am liking them!!

Damn, I have to focus on my backlog of paperwork... any young ladies that want to wear black stiletto heels and short white skirts and spend the weekend filing for me are more than welcome to come and help - I will make sure all the paperwork is for the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet!! Well, you gotta make the most of a bad job I reckon!! Wages aren't too good, but the boss is a nice bloke!!

I want to go riding my bike, and that's the motivation for me getting my paperwork done - curses on my bank for canceling my internet banking account, and curses on them for losing my new internet banking application form. Curses curses curses!!

I am gonna stop writing and surfing now, and make a start....

... see you on Sunday probably!!! Damn companies don't run themselves!!

Cool thing for the day:

Uber geeky ascii star wars animation - a veritable work of art in all its ascii glory!! Behold the work of an uber geek!!


  1. Slut Suzie was... interesting. I learned some things that I was probably better off not knowing, but I got a kick out of reading the obscure terms out loud to Shawn while he was on Team Speak - evil Jen - embarassing him in front of his buddies!

  2. aw hun the coke head seems like a good plan with hindsight lol

  3. OMG cant believe i didnt notice the first time i looked,had me worried there TOMMY!!

  4. Ha i found you Mr FOx I like your new Blog. And i love the Picture of Olivia an the White fox.

  5. AHA i found you Mr Fox. I love your new space and i love the picture that Olivia drew for ya. I know i know ya told me lol welp gotta go love ya Shaggy