Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Boredom overtook us....

And he began to speak!!

Today the Fox is quietly fuming. The project I am working on has deemed that we have to move a server on the weekend of my birthday. All my plans are turning to dust and running through my fingers, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. This is not good. I am contemplating retirement. I wouldn't normally mind about this, but for the following reasons it's doubly painful:

1) I never plan anything, because, as soon as I do, somebody stomps me from a great height... the best laid plans of mice and men and all that!!
2) I haven't really had much work to do for a few weeks, and now they go and decide to implement on MY weekend!!
3) The fact that I have to shelve my birthday trip plans does not escape the fact that the timescales for moving this server are unattainable, and it won't even happen.
4) I am going to have to cancel my weekend, and the frikking server isn't even gonna move!!
5) My gaffer is on holiday until next week, and without his say, we have to proceed to the requirements of the business. I know, as soon as the gaffer comes back, there will be an inordinate number of spanners thrown into the works, but it may well be too late to resurrect the weekend plans by then!!


I should know better than to try and have a life!!

I should have followed my calling in life to become either a baker, or a dolphin!! Life MUST be easier than this.

I am currently venting my spleen, surrounded by several mountains of paperwork. There are piles of rubbish, piles of personal filing, piles of business filing, piles for attention, piles still to sort, tv guides, empty coffee cups, full ashtrays, and none of this is getting me any closer to actually completing my accounts, which I began last evening!

My life is in ruins. Someone needs to grab me by the shoulders and shake me violently.

To cap it all, my camping equipment that I ordered for the forthcoming monster birthday weekend camping and mountain biking has all arrived today.... I just want to set fire to it all right now!! I also shelled out on some special lights for my bike for doing some night riding in the forest.

Can you tell that I am not best pleased? I've had better days.

The only source of amusement for me at the moment is to smirk at everyone queueing up "panic-buying" petrol at the moment. There is no real danger that the promised protests (due to begin tomorrow) will cause any real disruption to supplies, but the media feeding frenzy has created this weird ball of self perpetuating fear in the minds of all motorists. Every petrol station in the land now has queues around the block. I have a full tank, and to be honest, it will last me a couple of weeks... especially as it looks like Scotland may well now be off the cards. Oh, no, I've slipped back into miserable mode again!!

To be honest, I think I have six degrees fever.... It doesn't actually matter what I choose to write about just now, I will end up on the subject of my weekend being ruined, or the fact that I STILL haven't done my paperwork. I will spare you my pain.

Blog ends here!

Cool thing for today:

I only want my revenge!! Go on, it'll make you feel better.


  1. Oh, FoX! I'm so sorry! That sucks. Maybe they'll change their mind about the weekend...unless it's pretty much set in stone by now. I'll make you a birthday cake for your bday. What's your fave?

  2. Aww Fox! I think thats the first time i have heard you truly rant!!
    Hope your plans are resurrected and you have a fab time in the end,if not you know all your bloggin mates are here to read your ranting while you get it off your chest.
    Quiz completed by the way xxxxxx

  3. Sorry to know that...

    "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think." -Jean de la Bruyère

    Just try not to feel it...make fun out of everything...I'm sure that you know how to do it.


  4. I am so sorry, FoX. It seems some of my luck may have rubbed off on you! It sounds like you were ranting about my life there for a moment.

    Why don't you just tell them to shove the server up their... oh, wait, thats why I don't work anymore. (Boogie_mum does not play well with office mates.)

    I hope it all works out for you. You deserve a happy birthday celebration... Plus, being selfish, I was looking forward to the pictures that resulted from your trip...

  5. Hey there, I despise days like that. But I am secretly pleased b/c I took your invitation to heart and there was no way we could swing a trip to Scotland right now. :P
    I hope that you feel better soon. {{{Hugs}}}

  6. All reet dude.Pull yourself together man buy a haggis and put a skirt on you'll feel much better.
    take it easy.

  7. This is a good time to play a Black Uhuru album, roll a big one and chill out.

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  9. Just wanted to say GOOD MORNING! I hope your day is going better than yesterday....maybe you can feign sickness and still take your trip :)
    Have a lovely day! -Rey